Five Fabulous Garden Plans

Our garden editors designed these garden plans to solve your most troubling spaces.

Bird and Butterfly Garden Plan

Though it takes up less than 16x16 feet of space, this garden plan is big on impact. Butterflies won't be able to resist the gorgeous blooms of anise hyssop, aster, black-eyed Susan, and purple coneflower. Hummingbirds adore the fragrant blooms of butterfly bush and bee balm. And if you look closely at the butterfly weed, you'll probably see Monarch butterfly caterpillars.

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Deer-Resistant Garden Plan

We can't promise deer won't occasionally nibble on some of these plants, but in our experience, this collection represents those plants deer most commonly leave alone, including cushion spurge, lamb's-ears, peony, and iris. At only 12x14 feet, this garden is easy to tuck in just about any sunny corner of your landscape.

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Easy-Care Summer Garden Plan

Here's the perfect solution if you want to have a beautiful garden, but don't have time to keep it up! Our Easy-Care Summer Garden Plan features no-fail favorites such as catmint, daylily, iris, Russian sage, and yarrow. The parade of blooms starts in May and continues all the way through September. Then through winter, you'll enjoy the architectural interest from the feather reedgrass. This garden is 12x13 feet in size.

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No-Fuss Shade Garden Plan

There are so many wonderful plants you can grow without full sun that we're not sure why shade has such a challenging reputation for gardeners. We've put together this plan to fill those shady corners of your yard with big color. The show starts with deer- and rabbit-resistant hellebores in early spring (sometimes even before the snow melts in cold climates) and continues all the way through fall with glorious hosta and Japanese painted fern foliage.

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Beautiful Sunny Summer Garden Plan

Use this garden design in your front yard and you're sure to stop traffic. We've combined some of our favorite low-fuss, big-impact, sun-loving perennials into one simple 16x16-foot garden plan. Baptisia, Siberian iris, and peony offer gorgeous blooms in early summer and are followed by clematis, daylily, and more.

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