Create an exquisite corner garden with ornamental grasses. The distinct heights in the garden plan make a dramatic statement in the landscape.

By Jenny Krane
Updated May 23, 2019

Gardeners are just beginning to discover ornamental grasses and their majestic contribution to home landscapes. These lush fountains of foliage are lovely in spring and summer, but they're nothing short of spectacular in fall, when their feathery flower heads sway in the breeze. The buff-colored plumes endure into winter, too, keeping the garden attractive when all else has gone dormant. For contrast, we've added a couple flowering perennials and some optional spring-flowering bulbs to the design. Plant in full sun.

Illustration by Mavis Augustine Torke

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Ornamental grasses are a dramatic addition to any garden. Accentuate their tall foliage and unique seed pods.

Garden size: 8x10 feet

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Left: Dean Schoeppner
Center: Peter Krumhardt
Right: Bob Stefko

Plant List

Optional Plants

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