Break up your perfectly-groomed yard with an island garden bed that looks good from every angle. This garden plan relies on a plum tree for height and to-die-for color.

By Jenny Krane
Updated May 23, 2019

One small, ornamental tree and a flowering shrub give this island bed year-round character. The surrounding perennials and groundcovers add seasonal splashes of color and texture. Plants have been chosen for their soft, delicate, and warm appearances. The color palette emphasizes pink and yellow with a touch of blue. Three optional varieties of bulbs provide a cheerful welcome to spring. The plants in this garden bloom best in full sun but will tolerate a bit of shade.

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This garden plan relies on simplicity to make a statement. The extreme levels (groundcovers and a tree) create a striking display.

Garden size: 8 x 16 feet

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Left: Ed Gohlich
Center: Dean Schoeppner
Right: Marty Baldwin

Plant List

Optional Plants

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