Create a Garden Getaway: 17 Great Plans

Fashion your own private paradise with any of these soothing gardens.

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    An After-Work Garden

    Give yourself a spot to relax after the sun goes down. This all-white garden is even lovelier in moonlight than it is during the day. Plus, many flowers are fragrant as the sun goes down.

    Garden size: 23 by 10 feet.

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    All-White, Part Two

    Here's another example of a great garden plan to enjoy after dark. It's filled with easy-care plants that thrive in summer and fall.

    Garden size: 6 by 12 feet.

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    Get out of the Sun

    A beautiful garden that looks good spring to fall surrounds a bench in this garden plan and creates an ideal spot to take a rest and enjoy your garden.

    Garden size: 13 by 8 feet.

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    Enjoy Wonderful Fragrance

    Add a spot where you'll want to sit and relax with this fragrant garden plan. Enjoy the sweet scents as much as the pretty blooms.

    Garden size: 22 by 6 feet.

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    Another Take on Fragrance

    Let your nose lead you to the roses in this meandering garden. Enjoy the colors and textures along the way!

    Garden size: 22 by 38 feet.

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    Create a Quiet Nook

    Gentle shade and dwarf evergreens make this bench-bedecked layout the perfect spot for slowing down. Attractive in every season, the garden includes a redbud for spring color and a host of plants with delicious aromas and soothing colors the rest of the year.

    Garden size: 19 by 9 feet.

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    Create a Private Side Yard

    Shut out the hubbub of the world in this private paradise. This garden plan combines hard surface comfort with eye-appealing plantings.

    Garden size: 25 by 40 feet.

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    Old-Fashioned Appeal

    Take a relaxing walk through heirloom plants to reach a shaded bench where you can take some time out of your day.

    Garden size: 28 by 25 feet.

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    Enjoy Sweet Fragrance in Spring

    A variety of colorful spring bulbs and flowering trees create an attractive -- and fragrant -- garden you'll look forward to every spring.

    Garden size: 34 by 20 feet.

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    Relax Along the Water

    Enjoy the sound of water (and the colorful birds it will undoubtedly attract) with this easy-care, dramatic garden plan.

    Garden size: 34 by 24 feet.

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    Low-Care Retreat

    Take some time and get away in the heart of this beautiful, drought-tolerant garden. A fountain with trickling water adds to the overall enjoyment.

    Garden size: 34 by 24 feet.

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    Formal French Garden

    Feel like royalty gazing out over this formal garden. Hedges surround extra-easy-care plants that make a big impact in the landscape.

    Garden size: 28 by 28 feet.

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    Shady Retreat

    Take a break from the hot summer sun and enjoy the trickling sound of water with this lush garden.

    Garden size: 10 by 12 feet.

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    English Charm

    This pretty garden with its lush peonies and delphiniums just begs for you to stop and relax.

    Garden size: 17 by 18 feet.

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    Patio Transformation

    Turn a bland patio into a fantastic garden room with this lush plan.

    Garden size: 16 by 25 feet.

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    Make a Wildlife Sanctuary

    Transform the back corner of your yard into a haven for birds with this easy garden plan.

    Garden size: 23 by 24 feet.

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    Pondside Retreat

    Take time away and enjoy a carpet of color along your garden pond.

    Garden size: 20 by 29 feet.

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