Dramatic Garden Plans

Dramatic garden plans can add a distinct splash of color to any landscape. If you're interested in creating a dramatic yard, turn to these bold, statement-worthy garden plans. Add life and movement to your landscaping plans that are fuss-free and beautiful.

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Garden Plans for Birds & Butterflies

Add life and movement to your yard with these wildlife-friendly landscaping plans.
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Shady Side Yard Garden Plan

This elegant garden plan creates lots of color and texture in a shaded side yard or patio.
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Create a Garden Getaway: 17 Great Plans

Fashion your own private paradise with any of these soothing gardens.
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Beautiful Butterflies Garden Plan

These top-notch plants are surefire winners for attracting butterflies to your garden.
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Bird and Butterfly Garden Plan

Attract scores of butterflies and hummingbirds with this garden.
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Island Bed 2

Break up your perfectly-groomed yard with an island garden bed that looks good from every angle. This garden plan relies on a plum tree for height and to-die-for color.
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More Dramatic Garden Plans

Deer-Resistant Garden Plan

This garden plan features a host of easy-growing, deer-resistant perennial flowers so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape, even when there are herds of deer around. Follow our free garden plan to get the look in your yard.
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No-Fuss Bird and Butterfly Garden Plan

Plant this collection of beautiful, easy-growing flowers and your yard is sure to be filled with birds and butterflies.
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