One-Color Garden Plans

Bring clarity, unity, and a distinctive style to your garden with these monochromatic flower gardens.

Enjoy Soothing Greens

Boxwood provides a rich green backbone for this easy-care, formal-style garden plan.

Garden size: 30 by 30 feet.

Boxwood and Roses

Here's another beautiful garden plan where boxwood provides a sturdy foundation. This time it's paired with snow white roses.

Garden size: 10 by 10 feet.

Explore Green with Hostas

If green is your favorite shade, hostas are for you. They're a perfect addition to shady front yards.

Garden size: 12 by 10 feet.

Try Green Grasses

Though they're all green, grasses are packed with interesting texture. Plus, they offer four-season appeal.

Garden size: 10 by 8 feet.

Create Sunny Cheer

Your garden will always be cheery thanks to this brightly colored garden plan packed with easy-care plants.

Garden size: 10 by 8 feet.

Soak Up the Sun

Enjoy a burst of golden-yellow color throughout your yard with this charming small-space garden plan.

Garden size: 14 by 14 feet.

Show Off with Red

These bright shades of red will create an eye-popping garden your neighbors will envy. You'll have the brightest yard on the block.

Garden size: 9 by 14 feet.

Create Stunning Red Container Gardens

Shades of red create garden excitement and pair perfectly with white. Got a larger space? Just add more containers.

Garden size: 18 by 4 feet.

Paint Your Garden in Red

A thrilling mix of annuals and perennials helps this garden stand out in a crowd. Its bold color will delight even from blocks away.

Garden size: 8 by 10 feet.

Create Romance

Nothing says romance like pink. This charming garden includes a number of soft pink shades perfect for any yard.

Garden size: 15 by 14 feet.

Pretty in Pink

This elegant arbor is covered by pretty pink roses and accented with a host of other pink-hued blooms. It's a perfect way to make a grand entrance to your yard.

Garden size: 16 by 15 feet.

Relax with Blue

Blue is one of the most relaxing colors in the garden. It's no wonder the rarest of flower colors is also the number-one favorite. Paint your garden in blue hues with this plan.

Garden size: 14 by 15 feet.

All Blue, Take Two

Here's another take on an all-blue garden that blooms from spring to fall.

Garden size: 10 by 7 feet.

Enjoy an Evening Garden

This garden was designed to shimmer in moonlight so you can enjoy it after work. Many of these white varieties are also fragrant after dark, adding extra appeal.

Garden size: 23 by 10 feet.

Crisp, Clean White

Nothing says elegance like an all-white garden. We love how this one looks as great in the moonlight as it does during the day.

Garden size: 12 by 6 feet.

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