Hot-Color Garden Plans

Energize your landscape with flowers in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

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    Make a Statement This Summer

    This great garden plan combines eye-popping colors with fun textures and vertical plants for a decidedly bold feel.

    Garden size: 14 by 9 feet.

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    Hot-Summer Garden

    Striking red dahlias and yellow lilies provide eye-catching color in this low-care plan.

    Garden size: 8 by 17 feet.

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    Colorful Slope Garden

    Transform a troublesome hillside into a riot of color with this cheery plan, which features favorites such as yellow yarrow, red crocosmia, and bright daylilies.

    Garden size: 14 by 22 feet.

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    Tropical Garden

    Bold red canna, colorful lantana, and bright sweet potato vine foliage mix to create a big, bright show with this plan.

    Garden size: 11 by 15 feet.

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    Bold Cottage Garden

    While we usually think of soft, cool colors for a cottage garden, this plan employs brighter shades for a more dramatic presentation.

    Garden size: 13 by 12 feet.

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    A Riot of Red

    A thrilling mix of red-blooming annuals and perennials makes this garden stand out in a landscape.

    Garden size: 8 by 10 feet.

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    Soak Up the Sun

    Bright sunny yellow flowers lend lots of cheer and visual energy to this lovely garden.

    Garden size: 10 by 8 feet.

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    Bold Spring Garden

    Give your yard an early season wake-up call with this brightly colored garden plan.

    Garden size: 15 by 6 feet.

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    Island Retreat for Butterflies

    What's brighter: the garden or the butterflies? It's a tough decision but with no wrong answer in this easy-care garden plan.

    Garden size: 24 by 9 feet.

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    Tropical Flair Container Garden

    Turn up the heat on your patio or deck with this easy-to-grow planter.

    Garden size: 4 by 4 feet.

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    A Late-Summer Warm-Up

    Black-eyed Susan and a number of other late-season favorites conspire to warm up autumn in this simple garden.

    Garden size: 16 by 10 feet.

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    Warm Day at the Shore

    With plants suited to a seaside location, this hot-hued layout will thrive where others won't.

    Garden size: 14 by 9 feet.

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    Add a Touch of the Tropics

    Bold colors and textures combine for a decidedly tropical feel in this easy-growing garden.

    Garden size: 23 by 12 feet.

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    Compact Deckside Garden

    A great way to enliven a deck or patio, this brightly colored garden adds interest without a lot of work.

    Garden size: 27 by 8 feet.

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    Bring On the Heat

    This garden stands up to heat thanks to extra-tough plants that bloom all summer long.

    Garden size: 5 by 6 feet.

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