Cool-Color Garden Plans

Blue-Theme Garden Plan Illustration
Calm your landscape -- and your attitude -- with flowers in shades of blue, purple, and green.

Mix Blue, Pink, and White

You can't go wrong with this combination of blue, pink, and white for a small-space garden that looks good through the seasons.

Garden size: 6 by 6 feet.

Mix Blue and White

Lavender-blue catmint is a great accent to snow white roses in this easy-care garden plan.

Garden size: 10 by 10 feet.

Silvery Sheen

Silver, white, and blue combine to create a breathtaking but easy-care garden in this grand plan.

Garden size: 30 by 30 feet.

Soft and Romantic

Soft purples, blues, pinks, and whites enhance a simple sundial in this gorgeous garden plan. It's one of our favorites!

Garden size: 9 by 9 feet.

Be Flamboyant

Though we usually think of flamboyant gardens as being filled with eye-catching colors like red and orange, you can create the same effect with cool colors and textures, as seen in this garden plan.

Garden size: 10 by 12 feet.

Making It Easy

This plan combines some of the easiest-growing perennials for a dash of color from spring to fall.

Garden size: 14 by 6 feet.

A Prairie Garden

Prairie plants are some of the toughest choices you can grow. This mix looks great throughout the seasons without forcing you to spend scads of time tending them.

Garden size: 20 by 8 feet.

Enjoy Soft, Beautiful Pinks

Cool shades of pink create a softness in your garden that's especially welcoming on warm summer days. This charming garden includes a number of varieties perfect for your landscape.

Garden size: 15 by 14 feet.

Meandering Side Garden

Enjoy the cooler colors of the rainbow in this pair of pathside beds.

Garden size: 26 by 10 feet.

Easy Annuals

Cool-blue morning glory, petunia, and sage are the stars of this summer-long wonder. The color scheme is guaranteed to take some of the heat off the day.

Garden size: 18 by 5 feet.

Disguise a Fence

This garden plan features a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors that are perfect for taking your attention away from a fence or other unwanted landscape feature.

Garden size: 29 by 8 feet.

Soft Pastels to Start Spring

Begin spring with a bang thanks to the perennials, trees, and bulbs in this garden plan.

Garden size: 34 by 20 feet.

Enhance a Water Feature

The soft colors in this garden plan are a perfect choice to surround a pond that mirrors the clear blue sky.

Garden size: 34 by 24 feet.

Another Option for Spring

Here's another take on creating a soft and beautiful spring garden.

Garden size: 33 by 24 feet.

Cool Blues

Relax and enjoy the incredible cooling blue hues found in this easy garden plan.

Garden size: 10 by 7 feet.

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