Garden Plans for Cottage Style


Create a soft, romantic feel in your yard with these garden design ideas. No matter the size of your garden, these plans will accommodate different varieties plants and features, such as fence posts and borders, to create a harmonized growing space.

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Front Yard Cottage Garden

Front Yard Cottage Garden Plan

Majestic delphiniums, charming foxgloves, fragrant lavender, and more combine to create a delightful show in your front yard. Garden size: 7x12 feet.

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English-Style Garden

English-Style Front Yard Garden Plan

This mix of annuals and perennials is an ideal way to soften a fence and provide months of color and cut flowers. Garden size: 6x22 feet.

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Cheery Front Yard Garden


Fill your front yard with color from spring to fall with this flower-filled garden plan. It looks great in winter, too, thanks to structural shrubs such as yew and barberry. Garden size: 18x10 feet.

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Tiny Corner Garden

Tiny Corner Garden Plan

Add elegance to the corner of your property or the spot where your driveway meets the sidewalk. Butterfly bush, cleome, and other favorites look great and attract butterflies to boot! Garden size: 11 by 11 feet.

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A Bold Cottage Garden


Add interest and drama to your yard with this eye-catching, long-blooming garden plan. Garden size: 20 by 10 feet.

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Summer-Show Cottage Garden


This low-maintenance, high-color cottage garden plan laughs off heat and drought and still looks lovely. Garden size: 12 by 13 feet.

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Bright Front-Yard Cottage Garden


Punch up the color in your front yard with this cottage-style garden plan. Garden size: 9 by 11 feet.

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All-Red Cottage Garden

Red-Theme Garden Plan Illustration

Red makes a bold statement in the landscape. Add drama to your yard with this plan. Garden size: 8x10 feet.

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All-Blue Cottage Garden

Blue-Theme Garden Plan Illustration

Give your yard a peaceful feeling with this floriferous garden plan. Garden size: 7x10 feet.

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Create Cottage Style in the Shade


You can enjoy a lush cottage garden, even if you don't have full sun. This combo mixes long-blooming perennials and shrubs like Endless Summer hydrangea for interest from spring to fall. Garden size: 18x9 feet.

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Large, Lush Cottage Garden


This flower-filled cottage garden packs in old-fashioned favorites for color through the seasons. Garden size: 24x24 feet.

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Old-Fashioned Favorites Garden


Bring about a touch of yesteryear with this beautiful garden plan. Garden size: 29x16 feet.

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Tips for Planting Your New Garden

Preparation is the key to creating a garden that will offer a lifetime of pleasure. Before you start plant shopping, review all garden plan materials. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have a suitable spot for this plan?

The layout diagram shows the rough dimensions for the plan. In general, you can enlarge or reduce the size of the garden by adding or eliminating plants, although the character of the garden may change if you alter the size dramatically.

Do I have the right growing conditions?

Check the plant list to see if the plan will do best in sun, part shade, or full shade. Be sure that the plants are suited to your USDA Hardiness Zone.

Do I need to amend my soil?

Most plants thrive in moist, but well-drained soil. If you have soil with lots of sand or clay, amend it liberally with lots of organic matter, such as compost. You may also want to do a soil test to see if you need to adjust the soil pH or add fertilizer before planting.

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