Garden Plans with Heirloom Plants

These exuberant flowerscapes feature blooms beloved by generations of gardeners.

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    Cool Colors Garden Plan

    We adore the way these old-fashioned favorites work together to create a charming summer garden that your grandmother might have grown.

    Garden size: 9 by 9 feet.

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    Deckside Container Garden

    Fill a planter with nonstop color. Here, some of Grandma's favorite annuals ensure a no-maintenance show all season long.

    Garden size: 12 by 4 feet.

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    Fill a Corner with Color

    These old-time favorites combine to create a harmonious little garden that's big on color.

    Garden size: 6 by 12 feet.

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    Embellish a Pathway

    Make the walk to your front door, patio, or garage more interesting with this plan. Enjoy old-fashioned favorites from spring to fall.

    Garden size: 11 by 11 feet.

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    Consider a Cottage Garden

    Delphinium, rose campion, bellflower, and foxglove were all favorites of 19th-century gardeners. Here, they're combined beautifully for a garden that's interesting all season long.

    Garden size: 25 by 8 feet.

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    Retrace the Past

    This garden was inspired by an old English cottage garden. It's filled with garden favorites of the past that are still popular today.

    Garden size: 13 by 28 feet.

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    Victorian Flair

    Coleus was all the range in Victorian England and this simple plan of container gardens celebrates with an equally flashy hibiscus and sweet potato vine.

    Garden size: Three 4-by-4-foot containers.

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    Summerlong Cottage Charm

    Grandma would recognize most of the plants in this cottage garden. Warm-hued yarrow and leopard's bane contrast beautifully with the cooler tones of delphinium and lamb's ears.

    Garden size: 20 by 10 feet.

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    Old-Fashioned Favorites for Hot-Summer Areas

    Old-time gardeners learned by trial and error which plants could take the heat. In this garden, bee balm, crocosmia, and nasturtium rub shoulders with blazing yellow yarrow -- all hot-color favorites from yesteryear.

    Garden size: 13 by 12 feet.

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    Pathside Romance

    Enjoy heirloom orange nasturtiums and white osteospermum in this cheery pocket-sized garden.

    Garden size: 6 by 10 feet.

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    Old-Time Red Garden

    A thrilling mix of old-fashioned annuals and perennials helps this garden stand out in a crowd.

    Garden size: 8 by 10 feet.

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    Enjoy Blue Blooms

    Cool down your garden with this soft-hued plan featuring old favorites like delphinium and Russian sage.

    Garden size: 10 by 7 feet.

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    Frame a Bench

    Old-fashioned flowers like phlox and coleus are the perfect way to enhance a garden bench -- and give you a spot to sit back and enjoy your yard.

    Garden size: 13 by 8 feet.

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    Perennials of the Past

    Daisies are an old-time favorite and they pair beautifully with other heirlooms like iris and coreopsis.

    Garden size: 9 by 8 feet.

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    Old English Beauty

    It's easy to enjoy old-time English style. Give your yard a touch of cottage flair with this garden plan.

    Garden size: 20 by 16 feet.

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