Gardens by Style

Garden styles can range from the crisp, symmetrical look of a formal design to curving, naturalistic flower beds. They can focus on one particular color like a white garden, or exude exotic flair like a tropical garden. These garden plans by style will help you create the look you're going for.

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Garden Plans for Cottage Style
Create a soft, romantic feel in your yard with these garden plans.
Garden Plans with a Formal Flavor
Celebrate symmetry and rhythm with these classic garden layouts.
Blue-Theme Garden Plan
Create a soothing, all-blue garden in a partly shaded spot with this garden plan.
Hot-Color Flower Garden Plan
This colorful, informal border garden plan features equal measures of perennials and annuals, suitable for a lining a path or sidewalk.
Create a Classic Look in Your Landscape with This Summer Cottage Garden Plan
Colorful, reliable perennials form the backbone of this flower-filled design.

More Gardens by Style

Formal Small-Space Garden Plan
Combine a lush cottage-garden feel with classic formal-garden elements with this small space garden plan.