Everything You Need to Know About Spring Pest Prevention

The spring season brings warmer weather and pesky guests. Protect your home, garden, and family from the season's most unwanted critters in a safe, effective way.

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring the bugs. While the weather outside gets warmer, the critters and crawlers we all know and love want to come out to play, too. Some insects are welcome in our backyard, but in our house or munching on our plants? No, thank you. Before you grab the rolled-up newspaper or fly swatter, consider natural, less harmful ways to prevent unwanted visitors from breaching your threshold. These techniques are safe, smart, and get the job done. Read up now before it's too late!

Get rid of ants

Some people call them sugar ants, but there's nothing sweet about a trail of these. Aside from limiting food to the kitchen and dining table only, you can also prevent ants from entering your home if you act fast. The first ant to find a sweet spot leaves a trail of pheromones for other ants to follow. Eliminate that scent trail with soapy water or vinegar on the area you think the first ant arrived. This trick will make sure the first ant is gone without a trace. Learn more about ant prevention here.

Get rid of mosquitoes

Damp spring weather is a breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes. Scratch the itch before it starts this season by knowing the preventative measures you can take. First, regularly refresh any standing water around your home such as kiddie pools, buckets, or clogged gutters. Outfit your yard with mosquito-repelling products such as citronella candles or torches. Finally, add plants such as citronella grass or catnip to your garden; their crushed leaves could act as a guard for sensitive skin. Learn more about mosquito prevention here.

Get rid of stink bugs

Stink bugs love young foliage and fruit, which means spring is their favorite season. While these little guys don't cause physical harm to humans, they do blemish leaves and succulent fruit. Protect your garden by attracting stink bugs' natural predators, songbirds. A birdbath and nesting sites will attract beautiful birds and they'll thank you by taking care of your pest problem. That's a win-win for us! Learn more about stink bug prevention here.

Get rid of wasps and hornets

If you have kids, you know the fear of wasps and hornets is nothing to be taken lightly. Protect your family by harnessing your buzzing problem in the safest way possible. Wasp nests in early spring are still small and can be taken out with a pressurized spray of water. Stand at a comfortable distance of at least 15 to 20 feet and be prepared to run! For emergency wasp removal due to its size or proximity to people, hire a professional to get the job done safely. Learn more about wasp and hornet prevention here.

Get rid of bed bugs

You have a greater risk of bringing home bed bugs during high-travel times like late spring and early summer. While you're traveling, make sure unwanted guests don't hop into your luggage by keeping it on the luggage rack. Check all beds thoroughly and pull back sheets and mattress pads. If there are any signs of bed bugs, notify the front desk and request a new room. When you get home, wash all clothes and vacuum and seal luggage before storing.  Learn more about bed bug prevention here.

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  1. Can you please tell me what is wrong with the Rose bush pictured in this article? Is it a pest or a disease problem? My rose bushes all look sick exactly like this every year & lose their leaves from it. I have tried disease control with no results. If you could identify the problem for me & email me, it would be a huge help! Thank you!!!

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