Bugs, Diseases & Weeds

Bugs, diseases, and weeds can rob a garden of its beauty quick. But it is possible to keep your garden healthy, lush, and free of pests with our pest prevention ideas. To get rid of weeds and pests once and for all, use our tested tips and tricks to prevent and protect your yard.

Giant Hogweed Can Cause Third-Degree Burns

This plant has dangerous sap and is popping up in more and more areas around the country. Clark County in Washington is the latest place to identify the presence of giant hogweed.
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These Robots Are the Future of Garden Care

If you love your Roomba, you’re going to love these new contraptions. Let these yard-care robots do the dirty work for you.
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More Bugs, Diseases & Weeds

Fill Your Garden with These Natural Insect-Repelling Plants

Put your garden to work while keeping mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs away. These plants are a natural insect-repelling options you can try in your yard.
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Peach Tree Diseases and Pests

If you can grow peach trees in your climate, consider yourself lucky. However, there are a few things you should know about common peach tree diseases and pests.