Repel mosquitoes naturally by combining different types of fragrant oils. These solutions are easy to make with household products and use no harsh chemicals.


Chemical insect repellents can be hard on your skin and on the environment. Avoid unnatural ingredients and make these DIY mosquito repellents. Each one uses natural essential oils and edible ingredients so they are safe to use on both adults and kids. All of the ingredients are strong-smelling to keep mosquitoes away, but they don't smell synthetic or unappealing like other insect sprays. The ingredients are also easy to find in stores, making the repellents cost-effective and easy to pack for sports games, bonfires, and camping trips. Here are three options you can make yourself.

Lavender-Vanilla Spray

If you're tired of using bad-smelling aerosols or are worried about the effect DEET has on the environment, this DIY mosquito spray makes an excellent alternative. The pleasant scents of lavender and vanilla are actually what repel mosquitoes. Start by adding 15 drops of lavender oil into an empty 16-ounce spray bottle. Add three tablespoons of vanilla extract and the juice of two lemons to the bottle. Top the bottle off with distilled water and tighten the lid. Shake the closed bottle to mix the contents together before using.

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

For a more herbal smell, try mixing apple cider vinegar and clove oil. The strong fragrances of the two ingredients keep the mosquitoes away, and both are easy-to-access ingredients if you need to quickly whip up another batch. Using a funnel, add one cup of water and then one cup of apple cider vinegar to an empty 16-ounce spray bottle. Add 20 drops of clove essential oil to the bottle, then tighten the lid and shake to mix.

Coconut Oil Balm

Coconut oil fixes a multitude of problems, including steering mosquitoes away from the party. The process to make your own mosquito balm is simple: Start by adding four tablespoons of coconut oil to a jar. Add five drops of peppermint oil to the coconut oil and stir the two oils together until smooth, like a hand or lip salve. Apply the fragrant mixture directly onto skin to fend off mosquitoes.


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