This Natural DIY Hack is the Best Way to Prevent House Mice

Stop mice from even entering your home with this simple DIY and natural ingredient.
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Mice are one pesky problem no homeowner wants to have but, at some point, you'll probably have to deal with them. As the weather cools down, rodents will try to weasel their way into your home -- and they will succeed unless you take the correct preventative steps. Mouse traps may seem like the obvious answer, but they only work after the mice have already sneakily entered your home. Plus, disposing of the inhumane mouse traps is less than pleasant. According to Home Handy Hints, the best way to prevent mice is using peppermint! Check out this blogger's reasoning and methods below:

Reminiscent of Christmas candies and cooling desserts, peppermint is absolutely vile to the mice! Since these critters rely heavily on their sense of smell for survival, you can bet they'll avoid your front door the moment they catch a whiff of peppermint wafting from inside. Plus, this is an all-natural ingredient so you know it is safe for animals, pets, and your family!

Home Handy Hints

Spray peppermint essential oil in all areas of your home that may be accessible to mice. Though a crack under a door may seem too small for even a mouse, don't take any chances. Fill a spray bottle with a water and peppermint oil mixture and spritz along doors, windows, and any other access points. Keep this up once or twice a week for a mice-free winter!

Home Handy Hints

If working with essential oil isn't your thing, you can still deter mice using peppermint plants. Place a planter near doorways and windows for a natural deterrent you won't have to remember to replenish. Bonus: just think of all the dishes you can freshen up with a few mint leaves thrown into the recipe!

To learn more about how to use peppermint as a preventative measure, check out the video from Home Handy Hints below:

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  1. Peppermint oil and peppermint is highly toxic to cats. Natural oils can be very dangerous for animals.

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