Top Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Region

Zauschneria californica (California fuchsia)
Photo: Laurie Black

It's always disappointing when deer munch their way through your carefully-tended garden. While no plant is completely deer-proof, there are definitely some that are lower down on their menu. Depending on where you live, these beautiful plants should have less appeal to deer in your region.

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Deer-Resistant Plants for the Northeast

mondarda bee balm with red flowers
Peter Krumhardt

Tough winters aren't the biggest challenge that many Northeastern gardeners have to face; the region hosts hordes of hungry deer. However, the critters usually avoid plants such as bee balm, catmint, and Japanese painted fern, so you can garden in peace.

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Deer-Resistant Plants for the Midwest

Rob Cardillo

From Minnesota to Missouri, countless gardeners have had their landscape dreams dashed by deer. Your best bet for stopping your yard from turning into a buffet is growing tough native plants such as bluestar, coreopsis, lungwort, penstemon, and coneflower.

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Deer-Resistant Plants for the South

bears breeches plant
James Carriere

This diverse region, which stretches from Florida into Texas, offers a ton of great garden plants. The trick is to pick varieties that aren't deer favorites, such as bear's breeches, chrysanthemum, crocosmia, goldenrod, and Joe Pye weed.

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Deer-Resistant Plants for the Mountain West & High Plains

Shade border with blue Ajuga
Dency Kane

Plants have to be tough to thrive in the sometimes-arid conditions of the Mountain West and the High Plains. Fortunately, there are several hardy species that won't get mowed down by deer. A few popular choices include ajuga, allium, coralbells, salvia, and yucca.

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Deer-Resistant Plants for the Pacific Northwest

Detail of Purple Campanula Blooms
Susan Gilmore

It may seem like a gardener's paradise, but the Pacific Northwest is also a deer paradise with plenty of lush fodder for them in the landscape. Fortunately, you can make your yard less appealing to them by growing unappetizing species such as bellflower, foxglove, epimedium, ligularia, and meadow rue.

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Deer-Resistant Plants for the Desert Southwest

Detail of Agave victoria-reginae
Peter Krumhardt

It may seem (especially to new gardeners) as if almost nothing grows in this region, and what does is gobbled up by deer. However, there are plenty of options you can grow so the deer go elsewhere to do their grazing. Agave, blanket flower, lavender, rosemary, and snow-in-summer are just a few that will do the trick.

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Deer-Resistant Plants for Southern California

Zauschneria californica (California fuchsia)
Laurie Black

People enjoy Southern California's sometimes picture-perfect weather, but so do herds of mule deer. Enjoy a beautiful garden without these four-legged fiends by picking plants they'll pass by, such as California fuchsia, hedgehog cactus, hens and chicks, shasta daisy, and soapwort.

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