How to Safely Stop Rabbits in Your Vegetable Garden

These furry creatures may be cute, but they won't take any mercy to the vegetables your garden has been working hard on all season. Find out signs of rabbit activity and how to stop them before it's too late.

Considering rabbits usually come out at night, it's rare to catch a rabbit in the act of invading your garden. There are a few ways to know whether your garden has been overrun by rabbits:

  • Pea-sized droppings
  • Signs of digging
  • Chewed plants

Keep in mind that rabbits graze close to the ground, so if your top-tier trellised tomatoes have gone missing, it's safe to say that a larger animal, like a cat or deer, have taken a liking to your veggies.

As far as rabbits go, they are pretty hard to get rid of, but not impossible. Here are some possible solutions for keeping rabbits out of your vegetable garden:

Build a Fence

Keep rabbits out of your veggies by surrounding the garden with chicken wire about 18 inches tall and buried in the ground by about 6 inches. If you already have a fence, perhaps you could attach the chicken wire to it with staples.

Use Garden Fabric

If there are specific plants in your garden that you don't want rabbits munching on, cover plants with garden fabric for a more targeted coverage.

Grow Scented Plants

Believe it or not, rabbits stay away from strong scents. Plant a scented herb plant like basil, oregano, or lavender around your vegetables to steer rabbits away. Rabbits also hate the smell of onions and garlic, so try planting batches of those plants around the garden. You also get fresh herbs and onions as a result, so it's a bonus for you!

Reduce Rabbit Habitats

To lower the number of rabbits in your yard in general, make your yard a less habitable place for rabbits. Fill in abandoned burrows and keep your yard as free as possible of twigs and leaves, so rabbits are less likely to nest. Rabbits also love burrowing in large shrubs and heaps of weeds, so keep those factors at bay.

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  1. Cats eat tomatoes? Since when? None of my cats ever would.

    1. More likely it was a fox. Foxes eat anything, rotten or not. They can climb trees and dig under fences. They will eat pet cats too.

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