Garden Pests

Animal pests are a bother in any outdoor space. Whether it's large or small critters we have ideas to help with your animal pest control. Our tips are to help you, your garden, and your animals stay in balance with a little wildlife control.

3 Plants That Repel Ticks and Fleas from Your Yard

Flea and ticks season is upon us. Plant these garden plants to keep them far away from you and your pets.
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These Poisonous Toads Could Be a Danger to Your Pet

Bufo toads have invaded Florida and are posing serious threats to pets. Protect your pooch from these potentially deadly amphibians. 
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Organic Pest Control Solutions

Protect your flower and vegetable gardens from pests and diseases with organic insecticides and pesticides. Learn how to control garden pests organically so you protect the environment while you make sure you get the best harvest.
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Rabbits Eating Herbs

I would like to plant sweet basil, but, in the past, rabbits have eaten my other plants. Do they like basil, rosemary, or oregano? I imagine they would devour parsley.
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More Garden Pests

Deer-Resistant Shade Plants

Gardening in the shade where deer are plentiful can be a challenging situation. But there are plants that thrive in the shade that aren't tempting to hungry deer. Although no plant can be considered completely deer-resistant, here's a list of shade dwellers that most deer avoid. Plus, we've added some fun facts about deer that might help you understand them better.
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How Do I Stop Squirrels from Eating My Tulips?

I have 30 or 40 tulips planted in my yard. Every time they produce buds, squirrels bite them off. How can I stop them?