Outdoor Fountain Ideas

Outdoor fountains are a great addition to any landscape. Find ideas here for what style, size, and design of fountain would work best in your landscape.

Three-Tier Outdoor Fountain

To make your fountain the focal point of the patio, a tiered model is ideal. Here, the Spanish-style patio is focused on the white marble fountain. Potted ferns and hydrangeas give the area life and soften the formal symmetry of the patio. With a tiered fountain, water softly flows downward, making a soothing sound.

Moorish-Style Tiles Finish a Wall Fountain

A breathtaking backdrop is an ideal way to add beauty to a fountain. Here, hand-painted and glazed Mexican tiles cover the area in Moorish style. The water careens softly into a semicircular pool that is finished with the same cobalt and yellow tiles. Add extra flair to your fountain with a fun accent piece. In this fountain, water trickles from a sunflower into the lower fluted basins.

Small Fountains Bring Big Character

Small fountains are the perfect fit for many landscapes. The sound of running water produces a calming affect for guests while still offering a visual treat. Here, blue-tinted bricks form a circular pattern around the base of the fountain to make the blue-gray water feature the focal point. The cool hues fit in beautifully with the blooming plants that surround the area.

Japanese-Influenced Concrete Fountain

Fountains come in many different shapes and designs. This Japanese-influenced concrete fountain blends in beautifully with the stone-lined pond. The sheet of water that spills over the edge catches the sunlight while adding the soothing sound of running water. Supported by a central pedestal, water erupts from the center of the stone and then spills into the shallow pond below.

Victorian Appeal for Your Fountain

Statues can provide the perfect base for your outdoor fountain. This fountain boasts a weathered metal statue of a woman clinging to an ornate obelisk, giving the fountain a Victorian appeal. Terra-cotta pots filled with small-leaf boxwood surround the round brick basin. Create symmetry with a focused pattern, such as the multitude of circles that highlight this design.

Traditional Tiered Spill Fountain

Create charming appeal and soothing sounds in your garden with a traditional tiered fountain. A multitude of potted plants surrounds the base of this fountain, putting it in the spotlight. Lush foliage contributes to the cool scheme.

Concrete Fountain to Withstand the Elements

Fountains made from concrete, such as this tiered variety, easily withstand the elements and can be found in a plethora of sizes to ensure that it will fit in your landscape.

Tabletop Fountain

For a simple twist on the traditional outdoor fountain, create a tabletop fountain. This can be easily crafted with a pot and spout for water to trickle from. Here, water bubbles out of a little bronze frog prince into a brilliant cobalt blue pot. Add interest by floating flowers in the basin that move as the water gently flows into the pot.

Statue Fountains for Formal Appeal

Statues can be an ideal starting point for a more formal appeal for your outdoor fountain. In this fountain, water trickles over a cherub and into the basin below. Add character to the landscape by surrounding the fountain with blooming plants and lush greenery. The soothing sounds and aesthetic appeal of the fountain beckon visitors to wander outside.

Asian-Theme Water Fountain

Asian-theme water fountains add a simple yet appealing style to your landscape. This pedestal fountain features straight lines and a bubbler nozzle from which water falls into the two basins below. A fountain made of concrete ensures durability while creating a beautiful focal point for your yard. This fountain is surrounded by Asian-influenced plantings to add to the theme.

Contemporary Cast-Stone Fountain

A simple fountain is often the perfect addition to an informal garden. Here, the fountain is made of cast stone and offers clean lines and a natural shape. Water flows from a disk on top into the basin below. The simple water feature creates an elegant setting, calmed by the soothing sound of running water. Lower the water level in the basin for a more pronounced sound, or raise it for a softer appeal.

Hanging Fountains as Pretty as a Picture

When space is limited in your landscape, wall fountains are an ideal solution. This fountain hangs on a wall just as a picture would. But the simple fountain adds the soothing allure of running water that a picture could not offer. This Arts and Crafts water feature fits in perfectly with the traditional setting. Ivy and budding plants surround the fountain to make it the focal point of the wall.

From Water Trough to Fountain

With a little creativity, you can craft an outdoor fountain from an unusual item that will leave guests wondering what other fun things can be found throughout your landscape. Here, a galvanized-tin water trough is transformed into a fountain ideal for a country setting. A stone frog adds a fun twist, while water hyacinths soften the lines of the tub.

Mix Shapes for Contrast and Beauty

For easy maintenance, use a hidden reservoir with your fountain. Water cascades over the sides of this sphere into a basin below. For contrast, square pavers surround the round focal point.

Glazed Pot with Bamboo Spout for Meditation Garden

Ensure that your water feature meshes well with the decor of your landscape. Here, a tall, glazed oval pot is a perfect addition to the meditation garden. The soothing sound of flowing water creates a tranquil allure, while the bamboo spout adds to the decor. Surrounding greenery hides the tube that the water flows from, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Japanese-Inspired Water Feature

Japanese elements can be the perfect starting point for your outdoor fountain. Here, water pours from a long spout into a small stone basin. The sound of running water adds a sense of tranquility and calm to the landscape. The simple stone basin fits in beautifully with the decor and requires little maintenance.

Match Fountain Materials to Landscape

Be sure to choose a fountain that will fit with your outdoor decor. The contemporary style of this fountain is complemented by a curved concrete basin that captures the overflow and matches the steps and concrete walls found throughout the landscape.

Simple Fountains for Simple Pleasures

Simple fountains can still add the soothing feature of running water, while not overtaking the landscape. Here, a sturdy, rustic bucket provides a perfect basin for the streams of water that flow into it. Surrounding greenery softens the lines and ensures the fountain fits in beautifully with the landscape.

Millstone Fountain

A beautiful fountain can easily become the focal point of your landscape. Water spouts from a millstone in this garden. The uneven top of the millstone provides interest, and small stones placed atop the fountain match those below.

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