How to Make a Water Garden

Don't have the outdoor space for a pond? Add a focal point to your patio or deck with a gorgeous small water garden.

Container Water Gardens

A mini water garden is a great way to give your outdoor space a unique look, different from your typical soil garden. Choose an appropriate container for your garden and place it in a sunny spot; water garden features are hard to move once they are filled and planted. Place a few bricks in the bottom to raise the plants in individual pots to just below water level. Place plants and water creatures like fish and snails 24 hours after finishing the water garden, then enjoy.

Water features bring natural beauty to any landscape design. Still water gardens can create a home for a colorful koi pond, while ponds with water fountains and pumps add the audible element of moving water. Water gardens make in impact on garden design whether they are built in or live in a container. Here's what you need to know about water garden care, plants, and projects.

Although water gardens are pretty low-maintenance, there are still steps to take throughout the seasons to keep water plants and animals happy and healthy. Some water plants need fertilizer to grow larger, while others are fast-growers and may need to be divided to free up root space. As with any garden, the plants need to be deadheaded and the surrounding area needs to be cleared of weeds. 

Water Garden Care

Water gardens are a great way to introduce less-common plants into landscape design. Many aquatic plants are found in marshy or tropical areas, giving them a distinct look. Some plants can be submerged in water, while others do well in the shallows of a pond. Flowering water plants like lotuses and water lilies add spots of color to the water's surface and attract wildlife.

Water Garden Plants

Whether it is a pond, water fountain, or a tabletop fountain, incorporate water into your landscape for a relaxing vibe that attracts wildlife. After a water feature is added to a yard, the rest of the backyard landscaping plan seems to fall into place. Some water garden ideas use landscape rocks to build a creek that looks like an extension of nature, while others are more streamlined and look man-made. With the right plants and accessories, a water feature can transform your green space.

Making a water garden is an easy gardening project that looks great on a table or patio. But, staring a full pond can be difficult and unfamiliar. To get used to caring for a water garden, start small with a simple dish garden. Start by picking your favorite pot or bowl, choose your plants, and the assembly is easy. Maintenance is much easier on a smaller scale, and a simple water garden will prep you for the real deal.


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