How to Make a Simple Water Garden

Making a water garden is an easy gardening project that looks great on a table or patio. To make one is simple: grab a shallow container, buy a few water garden plants, and turn on the tap. You can have a pretty, tiny water garden in just minutes.

This easy water garden project will make a splash in your yard. Whether you're looking for a small water feature or a backyard table centerpiece, this DIY water garden idea will appease your plans. Start by picking your favorite pot or bowl, choose your plants, and the assembly is easy. Also called a pond in a pot, this natural garden fountain adds character to any space.

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What You Need

  • Container
  • Water plants
  • Liquid fertilizer

Step 1: Choose Your Container

For this simple water feature, a broad, shallow container works especially well. You can buy something especially for this simple water garden idea, but it's fun to get resourceful and rummage around the kitchen for a shallow bowl, copper pot, or glass dish.

Editor's Tip: If you want to use a pot that has a drainage hole, simply plug the hole with silicone sealant (like the kind you'd use to seal seams in your shower). 

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Step 2: Choose Your Plants

These days, most garden centers are carrying a wide variety of water garden plants. The best for a small garden such as these are the "floater" plants, that is, the plants that simply float on top of the water surface. They include water lettuce, azolla, duckweed, water hyacinth, and frog bit.

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Step 3: Maintain It

Check water levels daily. Change the water whenever it becomes murky or starts to give off any odor, which usually means about once or twice a week. Fertilize very lightly with a liquid fertilizer each time you change the water.

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