Deluxe Landscape Plans

A Small Front Yard

There is a trellised sitting area, but the open area in the yard could have willow chairs or another seating arrangement with tables. Lighting can be added along the walk, or line the edge of the garden border. Lights at the base of the trees would add a measure of drama.

A Large, Welcoming Front Yard

This garden plan calls for low-lying, colorful plants with a mixture of blooming dates to last you the whole year through -- bergenia, primrose, iris, snow-in-summer, Icelandic poppy, Delta and Nonstop pansies -- ranging in colors of blue, pink, yellow, white, and lavender. Plant your garden in full sun and watch your ajugas, phlox, and arabis bloom in the spring while the pansies and the Icelandic poppy bloom all year.

A Small Backyard

This backyard landscape plan includes workspaces for composting, parking, storage, and family entertaining. The design offers a comfortable seating area that is incorporated into traffic patterns to the garage and house, but hides compost, potting, and storage areas which are still easy to get to. The patio is great for the weekend barbecues or morning coffee.

A Low-Maintenance Backyard

Choosing native plants for your area ensures that your landscape will thrive. This landscape plan includes suggested plants for five regions. The other key to reducing maintenance is to settle on a relatively few types of plants; you'll have large dramatic displays that will need tending only a few times a year all at once.

A Family Backyard

This landscape plan features a safe area for play sets and sandboxes, plus a place for grown-ups to visit and see what's going on in the yard. There is plenty of space for growing vegetables and for using garden spaces to teach about plants -- and just to enjoy. A sweeping two-foot wall provides plenty of opportunity for "tight-rope walking" and sitting quietly.

A Backyard for Entertaining

This landscape plan features outdoors "rooms" and enough space to add tables on the lawn or hard surfaces, plus a backyard gate to bring in the tables, tents, and other assorted gear. Everyone from teens to adults will appreciate the benches and cozy fire pit. There is room to roll out a bar from the garage for outdoor serving, too.

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