Water Garden Ideas to Create a Backyard Escape

Water Garden
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A Sloping Stream

Water Garden
  • A cacophony of colors and materials decorates the outlines of a stream.
  • Various visually-interesting materials and plants, including a weeping willow and variously sized boulders, move the eye from the top of the gentle slope downward.
  • Large, flat boulders do double duty, edging the pond and providing a wide enough spot for an informal path.
  • A few dwarf evergreens add year-round structure among the brightly colored lilies and black-eyed Susans.
  • Groundcovers and water plants, including water lilies, soften the otherwise hard edges of the pond's rocky border.
  • A gentle curve cut out of the walkway mimics the outlines of the pond in a sinuous water garden idea.
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Dressed-Up Fountain

Water Garden
  • A water feature set into a sloping corner offers traditional style.
  • Distinctive hardscape, including stone steps and a geometric paved landing, lend an air of formality to this elegant waterfall.
  • Urns overflowing with bright purple lobelia and red double impatiens soften the water's edges.
  • While many garden water elements feel natural, this pool was designed to contrast with the lushly planted landscape around it.
  • The rich hues of ivy, lacecap hydrangea, ornamental grass, and pigsqueak warm the cool tones of the waterfall's stonework.
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Circle 'Round

Water Garden
  • A series of spheres supplies structure to a minimalist water feature.
  • A charming water garden idea, this gravel path from the house ends at a gently bubbling pond.
  • Plants echo the shape of hardscape. Here, liriope encircles the small pond.
  • Repetition is a key design element of this water landscape; multiple circles tie everything together.
  • The continuation of the path around the pond maintains circulation through the garden.
  • In place of a stationary pool of water, a bubbling base in the pool offers water movement.
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Focus on the Fountain

Water Garden
  • A pretty water feature livens up a small slice of the yard.
  • Intricate trelliswork complements the elegance of the fountain and sculpture.
  • Gentle curves at the edge of the fountain soften the hardscape edges.
  • A pair of myrtles, grown in topiary form, add a splash of fun to the garden. Their rounded shapes echo the curves in the lattice and water basin.
  • Containers set at the fountain's edge pick up the colors and foliage of the surrounding plantings.
  • Shade-loving begonias and caladium in colors that warm the cool gray stonework nestle close to the small-scale fountain.
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Pond Perfect

Water Garden
  • A restful landscape includes an expansive pond.
  • A bench, chair, and table offer a quiet nook overlooking the expansive lily pond.
  • An arched bridge takes garden visitors over the water below.
  • Lighting can be discreet when its shape and materials complement the rest of the landscape; here, a few lanterns light the way across the bridge.
  • Large and small boulders tumble and flit in and out of the pond's edges.
  • Movement in water and elements on the surface offer visual interest to water features. Here, water lilies bloom, and a small stream cascades into the larger pond.
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Japanese Garden Inspiration

Water Garden
  • A calming spot puts Asian-style water garden ideas to work.
  • Above-ground water features in the landscape offer soothing sounds and tranquil vignettes. Here, a massive boulder and gurgling fountain create a unique getaway.
  • There needn't be any distinct order to pavers. In this garden, a series of randomly tucked, small-scale stepping stones guide the way from bench to fountain.
  • Chairs work, but a minimalist concrete cube with a pair of cushions stands in just as well for seating.
  • Plants contribute to the contemplative aura with the lovely but restrained foliage of Japanese maple, liriope, clumping bamboo, and rhododendron.
  • Repeated shapes provide garden serenity; here, the shape of the fountain is echoed in the paved outlines of the sand garden.

fountain is echoed in the paved outlines of the sand garden.

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Wonderful Waterfall

  • A dense mix of evergreens and shade-loving plants creates a richly sculpted landscape around a backyard pond.
  • Substantial planting of reliable arborvitae serves as a year-round softscape fence.
  • A garden with several vantage points offers multiple areas for enjoyment; this landscape can be viewed from up on the deck or closer to the water feature.
  • A series of stacked boulders in varying sizes offers a naturalist edging for the waterfall and pond.
  • A few flagstones jut over the boulders for a third garden outlook spot extending from the lower seating area.
  • Paths are an easy element to utilize to conquer slopes, and water features another. This cascading water feature tumbles gently over boulders and a series of flagstone steps before ending in a pond.
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Modern Measures

Water Garden
  • By relying on subtle shifts in color and replicating elements, a water feature offers a composed garden setting.
  • Accent lights need not be stationary; moveable versions afford flexibility. Here, punched tin lanterns can be relocated as necessary.
  • The size and shape of a water feature work wonders to complement the style of the rest of the garden, as with this slim, tranquil stream.
  • Along either side of the narrow slice of water, repeated clusters of plants and shrubs, such as evergreens and hostas, complement the restful vista.
  • A bench at the end of this water feature is bot focal point and resting spot.
  • A mostly monochromatic color scheme supports the sleek style of the garden and water feature.
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Less Is More

  • A stripped-down pond and outdoor shed provide an undisturbed vignette.
  • Urns and containers complement the style and colors in a landscape; here, the subtle shapes and hues of an oversize pot emphasize the garden's composition.
  • Garden sheds enhance a garden. The lines and materials of a Japanese-inspired garden house work in tandem with the water feature.
  • If the pond is large enough, extending a vantage point over it (as with this front "porch") can give an interesting perspective on the landscape.
  • Color can come from multiple elements or from one single, well-chosen piece, as with this bold red Japanese maple.
  • Placed in a seemingly random pattern, the boulders around the pond's edge are the perfect companions for both the shed and pond.
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A Backyard Stream

Water Garden
  • Clumps of carefree plants amble easily along the free-form edges of this water feature.
  • Transitions from one material to the next are less jarring if done gradually; here, a smattering of stones gives way to shredded wood mulch.
  • The lines of the stream reinforce the style of the rest of the garden -- the stream's rambling path creates a casual feel.
  • A tricolor beach offers a burst of color between the pathway and stream.
  • Use perennials and annuals around a water element to add seasonal blooms.
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