These entries will make you want to stop and smell the roses (literally!).
Red door

Take a stroll around your neighborhood, and you'll notice that every front door has its own unique personality. Whether the front door is painted a bold color or blooming flowers line the walkway leading up to it, front doors are making a statement—and we're loving it! Take a look at these blossoming front door scenes that had us at "hello."

Lush Trees

Blooming trees add dimension and charm to any front yard. Magnolias are practically perfect in every way, and this front door landscape proves it. Not only are magnolia flowers breathtakingly beautiful, but they're known to symbolize dignity and nobility. In other words, plant a magnolia tree in your yard for good vibes.

Wisteria Hysteria

Purple wisteria makes an impact on this white townhouse. Use wisteria to vine the exterior of your house, or wrap it around an arbor or trellis as a decorative floral element. Wisteria also blooms HUGE flower clusters so you'll never be disappointed. See more front yard landscape secrets.

Climbing Rose Arbor

In any regard, roses are beautiful. But the climbing roses' acrobatic demeanor around this arbor is what makes us gaga about them. This welcoming entryway will make house guests want to look up. Plus, how cute is this turquoise door with a matching railing and mailbox? See more colorful front door ideas.

Pots, Pots, and More Pots

Who ever said there was such thing as too many flowers? This rustic scene boasts flowers of all kinds—adorned in variegated pots, hanging planters, and on vines—giving us all of the European feels. Bellissimo!

Color Combos

A baby pink door and yellow blooms make the perfect pairing in this front door display. Using yellow in the garden is always a good idea—it actually gives a garden more sense of space. Yellow flowers can make even the smallest yards look bigger and brighter.

Cascading Jasmine

Flowering jasmine becomes true art in this cascading masterpiece tucked into an old English neighborhood. The best part about jasmine isn't even its graceful appearance—its floral fragrance is a true head-turner. Talk about making an entrance!

Vine Borders

Philadelphia's historical cobblestone streets are one thing to awe over, but another? Adorable front doors like this one, bordered in a delicate green vine and paired with a small tree to accompany its stone stoop. Not to mention, we love the spherical ornaments that adorn this tree!

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