2015 Country Gardens Award Winner: Rocky Mountain Magic

Explore the views of this Country Gardens Award winning alpine oasis carved out of the Rocky Mountains.

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    Alpine Oasis

    On a clear morning, you can see forever from Kristen-lee Baillie's truly breathtaking garden, nestled at 8,360 feet elevation in Colorado's Roosevelt National Forest.

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    Peek Inside the Garden

    Kristen-lee’s knuckle-busting determination pays off, especially in her fenced vegetable garden, where she harvests nutritious greens in a short season.

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    Healthy Harvest

    Kristen-lee shops for plants on sale in Boulder since everything is marked down by the time she is able to plant. A family favorite is Tuscan kale.

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    Natural Nectars

    Hummingbirds are best fed with natural nectars -- here one takes a sip from the blossom of catmint (Nepeta). To put up a hummingbird feeder in this neck of the woods is akin to ringing a dinner bell for the bears.

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    Bee Balm

    Fragrant ‘Violet Queen’ bee balm is as beautiful as it is important to bees and butterflies.

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    Undaunted by outcroppings of boulders, Kristen-lee simply incorporated them into the landscape.

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    Serene Scene

    Kristen-lee employs a mix of compost and garden soil for planting in the narrow rock crevices. Orange helenium, or sneezeweed, blooms all summer long. Here it is combined with other jewel-tone perennials, including bee balm, salvia, and catmint.

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    No Deer or Elk Allowed

    Kristen-lee's deer and elk fencing is constructed of found branches and slender tree trunks with a distinctive red gate for a splash of color.

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