2015 Country Gardens Award Winner: Heavenly Blooms

This Country Gardens Award winning garden, nestled in Cookeville, Tennessee, blooms about 400 hydrangeas every year.

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    Hydrangea 'Nantucket Blue'

    When the hydrangea bug bit, Leo and Gloria McGee didn't resist. Shown here, 'Nantucket Blue' hydrangea is just one of around 80 varieties of the plant found in their garden.

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    Plant at a Glance

    Hydrangeas are enormously popular plants, partly because so many great choices are available. There are about two dozen species, four of them widely grown, and many cultivars. Several of the most popular species are North American natives.

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    Captivating Combinations

    Across the back of the garden, ‘Vanilla Strawberry’ hydrangeas hold their blooms high. Two rows of hydrangeas fill in against the back of the house: Pink ‘Fire Light’ blooms over the lush flowers of ‘Little Lime’. The basket on the bench holds a bouquet of ‘Silver Dollar’ and ‘Limelight’ bloom

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    Porch View

    From their second porch, Leo and Gloria have a sweeping view of their hydrangea garden. Here, the blue flowers of ‘Twist and Shout’ reach toward the light. Big white blooms of ‘Incrediball’ look like puffy clouds behind the blue flowers; ‘Invincibelle Spirit’ blooms at lower right.

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    Hydrangea ‘Vanilla Strawberry’

    Flowers of 'Vanilla Strawberry' bloom white, change to pink and finally pinkish red in late summer. Multicolor flowering will occur as shown here.

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    Hydrangea Forever & Ever ‘Together’

    The large flowers of Forever & Ever ‘Together’ will change their color to pink or blue -- then at maturity, a deep violet or red. Color variations depend on soil acidity. 

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    Hydrangea Forever & Ever ‘Pistachio’

    Forever & Ever ‘Pistachio’ lends curious color combinations to the garden.

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    Hydrangea ‘Angel’s Blush’

    'Angel's Blush' has large flowers that turn to rose as they fade.

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