2015 Country Gardens Award Winner: One Boulder at a Time

Country Gardens Award winner Christina Ladensack has swaddled their house, built by her husband, in a heart-stopping ocean of blossoms, despite poor growing conditions.

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    Garden with a View

    Christina and Eric Ladensack didn’t take the easy route and build beside the road on Camel’s Hump in Vermont. “I looked for the location with the most sun -- and I wanted to be close to the brook,” Christina says. And, of course, she selected a commanding view of the mountain.

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    Adding Charm

    Over the years, the garden has gained complexity and personality. Here, saloon doors play hide-and-seek.

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    Seamless Arrangement

    A fiery arrangement of poppy seed heads, protea, ‘Cherry Brandy’ roses, and scabiosa pods echoes the furniture hues.

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    Take a Stroll

    The paths take a zigzag circuit down the mountain to the fire pit and an orchard of apples and cherries below.

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    Rugged Course

    The Ladensacks harnessed the rocks to make a pathway toward the wisteria arbor planted with rudbeckias, echinacea, spiraea, and chocolate cosmos encroaching on all sides.

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    Enchanting Entrance

    The garden stretches along the driveway beneath a giant willow tree.

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    Art in the Garden

    Clockvine (Thunbergia alata) scrambles up a wooden tepee anchored in a galvanized washtub, which sits beside a wind sculpture wading in late-blooming turtlehead (Chelone).

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    Catch a Glimpse

    On a clear day, Camel's Hump is visible from the upper garden.

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