Your front yard is one of the first things people see when they come over or pass by your house. Make a good first impression with these tips for utilizing all the aspects of your front yard.


1. Curve Your Walkway


Curving your walkway will soften lines and create interest in your space. Tip: Line your walkway with plants—like hostas—as a way to welcome guests into your home.

2. Repeat Plants


This will create balance and cohesiveness. An ideal setup would be five to 10 species of perennials, three to five types of shrubs, and one to two types of trees.

3. Size Correctly

Front Yard
Credit: Laine home overall view #3

Planting beds should span at least half the width of the house. Doing this gives the illusion of your garden wrapping around the entire perimeter of your home.

4. Fill Empty Spaces


Don't forget about the space between the sidewalk and the street!

5. Incorporate Veggies and Herbs

Front Yard

This is especially great for if you only have sun in your front yard. Not only does this add color and flair to your yard, but you'll be able to enjoy your goods once they've grown.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
August 28, 2018
too busy looking for my liking and I see added work for the fall cleanup
Better Homes & Gardens Member
August 5, 2018
Where will the children play?
Better Homes & Gardens Member
August 4, 2018
I have a completely landscaped and mulched yard. People that put grass make for themselves , hard work , and high maintenance for no reason. it is bad for the environment and wastes gas, electric, water, fertilizer and spraying. I rarely have to trim my beautiful but native plants, and once a year I had mulch to the yard for a bright red neat look. I usually take the other to the back yard, but not every year. The plants need little watering except for a few I have in pots. I fertilize once a year. I think I have the best looking yard in the neighborhood and it almost maintains itself. Get smart people. Enjoy your yard, not be a slave to it, or pay out dearly to get it done. Soon there will a ban on grass in Florida I hope as our water should go in our mouths, not on grass. I will talk to Ron DeSantis who is running for gov to see if he can do banning ALL new yards from grass, and as they age and need redoing, ban that. We truly need Florida friendly yards...mulch and plants.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
August 4, 2018
I really prefer a very minimal amount of landscaping/plants in a front yard. I think a nice open yard is beautiful. Maybe a couple trees or a couple small bushes and a small flower garden makes for a simple, uncluttered, open space. Just my humble thoughts.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
July 8, 2018
Considering we are suffering severe climate change and many areas of the Country will be without water and will have abundant sun, drought tolerant landscaping ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!