5 Front-Yard Landscaping Secrets

Your front yard is one of the first things people see when they come over or pass by your house. Make a good first impression with these tips for utilizing all the aspects of your front yard.

Your front yard landscaping is one of your home's focal points. Follow these five tips to maximize your curb appeal.

1. Curve Your Walkway

Curving your walkway will soften lines and create interest in your space. Tip: Line your walkway with plants—like hostas—as a way to welcome guests into your home.

2. Repeat Plants

This will create balance and cohesiveness. An ideal setup would be five to 10 species of perennials, three to five types of shrubs, and one to two types of trees.

3. Size Correctly

Planting beds should span at least half the width of the house. Doing this gives the illusion of your garden wrapping around the entire perimeter of your home.

4. Fill Empty Spaces

Don't forget about the space between the sidewalk and the street!

5. Incorporate Veggies and Herbs

This is especially great for if you only have sun in your front yard. Not only does this add color and flair to your yard, but you'll be able to enjoy your goods once they've grown.

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  1. I really prefer a very minimal amount of landscaping/plants in a front yard. I think a nice open yard is beautiful. Maybe a couple trees or a couple small bushes and a small flower garden makes for a simple, uncluttered, open space. Just my humble thoughts.

    1. One of my favorite gardens was the one that was 1/2 a girly garden and 1/2 a man’s garden. It wasn’t so much the whole design of it, but there was a combination of the yellow hellebore, orange sedge, pink tulips and ‘Carmel’ Heuchera. It would only look good for a very short period of time, but the effect was impressive.

  2. too busy looking for my liking and I see added work for the fall cleanup

  3. Where will the children play?

    1. Parks, school fields, I live on a court so they play on the street or driveway

    2. I agree. Only those without children or grandchildren, cover their lawns in gardens

  4. I have a completely landscaped and mulched yard. People that put grass make for themselves , hard work , and high maintenance for no reason. it is bad for the environment and wastes gas, electric, water, fertilizer and spraying. I rarely have to trim my beautiful but native plants, and once a year I had mulch to the yard for a bright red neat look. I usually take the other to the back yard, but not every year. The plants need little watering except for a few I have in pots. I fertilize once a year. I think I have the best looking yard in the neighborhood and it almost maintains itself. Get smart people. Enjoy your yard, not be a slave to it, or pay out dearly to get it done. Soon there will a ban on grass in Florida I hope as our water should go in our mouths, not on grass. I will talk to Ron DeSantis who is running for gov to see if he can do banning ALL new yards from grass, and as they age and need redoing, ban that. We truly need Florida friendly yards...mulch and plants.

    1. Hello. I live in San Antonio TX. It's beyond hot here. I have some grass in the front and a small area in the back. The back is a constant battle so I want to remove it completely and add plants instead. Your comments sound like my ideal solution. I'm looking for ideas that will assist me in getting my backyard looking great without the need for grass. Any suggestions? The area I struggle with has partial sun.

    2. Unfortunately, weeds look like grass when kept mowed. FL does have choices on plants that require little water.

    3. Just to clarify - not everyone who has grass goes to extremes with the fertilizing, watering, paying for maintenance (who has the extra money to do that?), etc. In fact, I have never done any of that and I don't know anyone who has. It gets mowed and weed-eating gets done, which would have to be done anyway (like folcytrans the mulched parts are higher maintenance). You even state that you fertilize once a year and that's more than I do. Isn't it nice that you want to have control over EVERYONE else's yards in all of Florida? Even though I tend to agree, I hate your attitude of "I will talk to Ron DeSantis who is running for gov..." taking in name dropping and total control at the same time. Of course you think you have the best looking yard in the hood, I'd be surprised if it was otherwise.

    4. I agree! I'm sick of all the mowing I have to do.......And the noise!

    5. I agree about the grass. If it was up to me, I would not have any grass, but my husband doesn't agree with me. But he continues to complain about having to mow!

    6. Mine is the opposite. The grassy parts are easy to mow and the landscaped parts I am constantly weeding and maintaining.

    7. Sorry, its I ADD mulch to the yard

  5. Considering we are suffering severe climate change and many areas of the Country will be without water and will have abundant sun, drought tolerant landscaping ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. You better do what xeriscapeladyy says or she'll have a talk with Ron DeSantis (who may have to have a talk with the governor of your state) and they'll make you get rid of your grass and mulch everything!

    2. I just gave you the answer, above the one that wants a high maintenance yard. Put plants where you want them and the rest in mulch. I use red mulch but you can use other kinds, even from tree trimmers who make great chips out of certain trees, oak,pine,eucalyptus; to name a few. Must not let that great mulch of limbs, etc go to waste. Those who have large yards should call them and take advantage of it, as they have to get rid of their cuttings, and many can mulch it. I did that for 4 years building up my back yard level. People call me the xeriscapelady and my email is that.

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