Garden Structures

Garden structures can enhance your landscape by adding character and style. Check out our garden structure plans and ideas to create your own backyard wonderland that reflects your personality. Adding garden structures to your garden not only enhances the garden itself but makes your garden a beautiful place to enjoy with family and friends.

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Grow Perfect Tomatoes with This PVC Trellis

Kind of Easy
Protect your homegrown produce and learn how to make an arbor made with PVC pipes. This easy project is much less expensive than store-bought options!

Build a Mini Glass Greenhouse on a Budget

The backyard greenhouse trend is here to stay, and gardeners are getting more creative than ever. Take a look at this family's mini greenhouse made from antique glass windows that they built for $500.

More Garden Structures

How to Make a Cold Frame from Old Windows

Kind of Easy
Spend a few weekend hours crafting a mini greenhouse from a salvaged window to yield months of extra gardening.

How to Make a Flower-Covered Garden Arch

Kind of Easy
Make a white garden arch that brims with flowers from the garden. Hydrangeas, allium, and clematis come together to create a pretty purple display.

Building a Simple Cold Frame

Extend your gardening season with this easy-to-build miniature greenhouse.