Garden Structures

Garden structures can enhance your landscape by adding character and style. Check out our garden structure plans and ideas to create your own backyard wonderland that reflects your personality. Adding garden structures to your garden not only enhances the garden itself but makes your garden a beautiful place to enjoy with family and friends.

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Build a Mini Glass Greenhouse on a Budget

The backyard greenhouse trend is here to stay, and gardeners are getting more creative than ever. Take a look at this family's mini greenhouse made from antique glass windows that they built for $500.
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3 Season Raised Bed Plan

Follow these plans for a no-fail vegetable garden that will provide fresh produce from spring to fall. Continue plantings to increase your garden's bounty and extend your harvest.
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Easy DIY Garden Projects to Start Now

Looking to upgrade your garden? These do-it-yourself projects are an easy way to get started! We have plenty of great DIY garden projects to keep you busy.
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More Garden Structures

5 Raised-Garden Bed Secrets From the BHG Test Garden

Raised beds are a solution to a couple of gardening nightmares—whether it be weed invasion or soil compaction. From durability to pest control, here are some tips from the BH&G Test Garden that will help you make the most out of the raised beds in your garden.