Before and After Small Garden Makeover

A Seattle homeowner cultivates abundant and inviting outdoor spaces through making the most of every inch of her tiny lot.

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    Before: Bare Entryway

    While the stepping stones leading to the porch of the home held some charm, the lack of foliage made the entry look unwelcoming.

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    After: Architectural Statement

    Measuring a generous 14 feet wide by 8 feet tall, the Craftsman-style arbor lends stature to this Seattle front yard, where mixed evergreen plants and boxwood shrubs further enclose the entry.

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    Before: Eyesore Potted Plants

    While exposed pots are convenient and appropriate for decks and entryways, they were unsightly in this front yard and took up potential gardening space.

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    After: A Colorful Mix of Dwarf Varieties

    Choosing compact or slow-growing cultivars of trees and shrubs helps maintain proper planting designs in small areas. The homeowner's plantings include barberry, ilex, and dwarf Pieris japonica ‘Cavatine’.

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    Before: Colorless and Average Backyard

    The unkempt and poorly cared for backyard was unappealing and unexciting.

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    After: Seating Area

    A courtyard seating area nestled between the homeowner's sheds and the backyard fence hosts Hinoki cypress, nandina shrubs, a pink-flowering dahlia, and a tapestry of bedding plants. A neighbor's giant cedar tree provides a borrowed green backdrop for the pale to hot pink floral palette.

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    Welcoming Still Life

    The homewoner welcomed art with a story into her backyard by propping a cottage door on a brick threshold, both originally from her father's home and garden

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    Before: Just a Shed

    This barn-style shed does more than just store Christmas ornaments. Painted in the shade of sage green to echo the home's exterior, this tiny building was a missed opportunity to feature plants, furnishings, and artwork.

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    After: Second Garden Space

    An umbrella-covered dining set can accommodate several friends for a garden party on the patio between the bungalow and the barn-style storage shed. The small footbridge connects the pathway with the patio and serves as a transition between two distinct garden spaces. The vintage clothesline unwinds from its reel and stretches to a hook on the fence.

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