Organic Gardening

The concept of organic gardening is easy to understand: Avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in your garden. That way, you can enjoy the tasty organic fruits and vegetables you grow, worry-free. Start your own organic garden with our helpful tips!

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Organic Gardening Benefits and Tips
Relying on environmentally friendly ways to garden is a win-win. You get delicious, chemical-free food, and Mother Nature gets the respect (and protection) she deserves. Best of all, going organic in your garden is an easy process.  
What IS Organic Gardening?
You've heard the term plenty of times but you don't exactly know what organic gardening means. We'll break it down for you.
How to Start an Organic Herb Garden
Compost, well-rotted manure, and other forms of organic matter can improve just about any type of problem soil. Here's how and why.
Organic Fertilizer for a Healthy Lawn
Organic fertilizer and natural lawn care promote healthy, green grass while supporting the wildlife, soil, and waterways in your community.
10 Sustainable Gardening Tips
Sustainable gardening uses resources in a smart and ecologically-minded way. The happy result of gardening this way means you'll have less waste, use fewer chemicals, and overall, gardening will cost less. Put these gardening practices into action in your own backyard.
Organic Pest Control Solutions
No garden is truly free of pests and disease: fungal infections, caterpillars, beetles, dogs, deer—the list of potential problems is seemingly endless. Fortunately, you can fight back against these pesky predators without risking your health or spending a fortune.

More Organic Gardening

Get Started Making Compost
Learn how to make your own compost and get advice on how to use compost so you can enjoy the benefits of "black gold" in your garden.
Start Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden!
Growing organic vegetables means you can enjoy healthy, tasty food fresh from your garden. Try these tips for success.
Guide to Green Landscaping

See how you can take the environment into account when landscaping your yard! These green landscaping ideas cover what to plant in your landscape, how to water it, and tips to reducing chemicals, pollution, and garden waste.