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Plants to Try Right Now

10 of the Easiest Succulents You Can Grow Indoors

When you need houseplants that can thrive with little water, look no further than these succulents to add to your collection.

9 Indoor Ferns That Will Turn Your Home into a Tropical Paradise

Many ferns will thrive in the great indoors while adding a lush look to any room. This diverse plant family comes in an array of colors and textures, including delicate, lacy fronds and smooth, substantial foliage. Here are nine favorites to get you started.

Make an Indoor Dish Garden That Fits Your Plant Parenting Style

Whether you like to baby your houseplants or tend to forget about them entirely, you can create a cute dish garden to match the level of care you tend to provide.

Stylish Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Make a Living Succulent Picture Frame

Create your own living mosaic to hang on a wall, indoors or out! This stunning succulent wall display takes your plant game to a whole new level.

DIY Air Plant Hanger

Give your air plant a home in an environment of beauty when you mount it against a backdrop of natural wood.

Indoor Garden Inspiration

This Dish Garden Design Combines Houseplants and Spring Bulbs

Make this gorgeous tabletop garden display while you anxiously await spring's arrival. Enjoy the lush arrangement during the winter months before transferring the bulbs into your garden come spring!