Get growing with a little help from these gardening books. We asked the pros share their favorites so you know where to start.

By Jenny Krane
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Not all gardening books are dense, encyclopedia-style reference books. Gardening books can range from fiction, non-fiction, children's books, creative writings about gardening, and how-to books of projects and ideas. Most have gorgeous pictures and eye-catching covers so they look gorgeous on your coffee table or bookshelf. Take a look at some gardening books recommended to us.

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The Sound of Cherry Blossoms: Zen Lessons from the Garden on Contemplative Design

By Martin Hakubai Mosko and Alxe Noden

This non-fiction book explores the elements of Japanese garden design and how it draws from contemplative design and Zen teachings. The garden can be seen as a metaphor for life itself and can be therapeutic for not just for those who walk through the garden, but the gardener themselves.

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The Wild Braid: A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden

By Stanley Kunitz

Poetry and photography come together on the pages of this collection to begin conversations about our existence in the natural world. Twenty-six full-color photographs by Marnie Crawford Samuelson accompany the various sections. It's an award-winner—The Wild Braid received an American Horticultural Society Book Award in 2006.

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How to Raise a Plant: and Make It Love You Back

By Morgan Doane and Erin Harding

Calling all plant parents—you need to flip through this book. It's a non-fiction fresh take on growing houseplants and covers the basics for houseplant owners of every experience level. Newbies and experienced houseplant gardeners alike can take something from this easy-to-read reference book.

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Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together With Children

By Sharon Lovejoy

Even though this non-fiction gardening book is marketed as a children's book, parents can get tons of ideas from this book, too! Get your child out in the garden with planting ideas and project how-tos from this fun reference book. It has beautiful and whimsical illustrations throughout that make it as interesting to look at as it is to read.

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The Explorer's Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials

By Daniel J. Hinkley

If you want to learn about some of the world's rarest plants, this is the book for you. The author traveled around the world to find unusual plants and his findings are outlined in this one book. The information about each plant is accompanied by full-color photos that make this a stunning flip-through.

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Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening

By Matt Mattus

This non-fiction reference book explores rare and unusual vegetables (as well as common types) and teaches how to grow them like a pro. Beginners will appreciate the way it walks you through individual crops, but even experienced gardeners will discover new varieties and tips. Look to this book for tips to troubleshoot issues with all types of vegetables.


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