Take the stress out of choosing which plants to grow with these pre-curated bundles of seeds. Plus, they'll fill your yard with flowers and fragrance.

By Jennifer Aldrich
Updated February 03, 2021
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Growing plants from seeds is the most budget-friendly option for filling your garden. But before you can get those seeds started, you'll need to decide which types of plants you'd like to include. For example, perhaps you'd like an assortment of annual flowers that will bloom all summer long or you may have a specific theme in mind such as an herbal tea garden, plants for pollinators, or gardening by color. The options are practically endless, but these seed packet sets on Amazon can help you narrow down your choices while also providing a wonderful mix of varieties to grow together.

milkweed seed collection
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Milkweed Seed Collection

Milkweed plants are key for monarch butterflies: milkweed is their only host plant, which means they'll only lay their eggs on them and the caterpillars primarily feed on them. Make sure these butterflies have plenty of food by planting multiple types of native milkweed in your garden. This collection includes six different seed packets filled with non-GMO milkweed seeds. In a time when the monarch population is dwindling, adding these seeds to your garden will give these butterflies a sanctuary where they can thrive.

botanical interests bees butterflies
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Bees, Butterflies, and Hummingbirds Flower Seed Collection

Pollinators are a big reason why we have fresh fruits and veggies on our tables. So it pays to invite these important creatures to your garden. There are certain colors and varieties of flowers that attract them. This collection of seeds focuses on the plants that pollinators prefer. Cosmos, hollyhock, and zinnia are just a few of the 12 beautiful flowers in this bundle.

deer resistant seeds
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Deer-Resistant Flower Seed Collection

Deer may look cute, but they can wear out their welcome when they're gobbling up your precious plants. This 10-pack includes seeds for deer-resistant plants that these creatures tend to avoid, such as easy-to-grow cosmos, foxgloves, and snapdragons. Plus, their colorful flowers will make an eye-catching display in your garden throughout the growing season.

herbal tea seeds
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Herbal Tea Seed Collection

You can grow your own herbal tea if you know which plants make the best brews. This bundle of seed packets takes the guesswork out of figuring out what will taste good seeped together in a cup. It includes seven herbs: lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile, coneflower, lavender, bee balm, and catnip. All are perennials except chamomile, so they will come back year after year if you live where they are hardy. Many of these also will produce beautiful blooms.

herb garden seeds
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Herb Garden Seed Collection

Besides making pleasant teas, many aromatic plants also help make your favorite dishes even more tasty. This bundle of herb seeds includes a mix of 10 annual and perennial varieties that are useful for cooks, such as basil, thyme, and oregano. While you can grow these herbs indoors, they will do better and develop stronger flavor outdoors in full sun.

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February 24, 2021
Make sure the seeds are coming from the USA. I ordered seeds a couple of years ago and they came from foreign countries. Some never arrived, some were the wrong thing and all took months to get here.