Top Plants for Fairy Gardens

Scale is everything in little gardens. Here are some of the best plants for fairy gardens, terrariums, and other petite planting arragements.


1. Silver Sprinkles Plant (Top Left)

Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering, and protect it from hot afternoon sun. It forms a low tangled groundcover, setting down roots along the stems.

2. Spikemoss (Top Right)

Sometimes called clubmoss, this plant does best in terrariums or humid Wardian cases. It grows very slowly, so do not expect it to become a groundcover.

3. Weeping Fig (Bottom)

Leaves of 'Tiny Limey' are smaller than other F. microcarpa, and both work equally well for bonsai and miniature gardens. Prefers well-drained but moist soil.

4. Polka-Dot Plant

potted plant

Available in pink, red, or white, this is a favorite of fairy gardeners. Pinch the tips to keep it down in size.

5. Gray Lavender Cotton


Aromatic gray or green foliage can be trimmed and shaped for small gardens. Very drought-tolerant when established, with bright yellow blooms in summer.

6. Mexican Heather


This pretty shrub can be kept small with pruning, and it can be shaped into a topiary, as well. Heat-tolerant. Regular water and full sun will keep it blooming.

7. Golden Japanese Stonecrop


This bright golden sedum enjoys gentle morning or evening sun. Hot midday sun will beat it down, though it tolerates hot weather. Drought-tolerant.

8. Wood Sorrel


This noninvasive relative of wood sorrel shows off pink and purple leaves all the time, and it also sports bright yellow flowers when in bloom.

9. Fuschia Begonia


This tiny begonia looks similar to a fuschia, but it really is a begonia. Allow it to dry a bit between waterings. Give it morning sun -- no hot afternoon sun.

10. Elfin Thyme


Forms a very low mat of ultra-tiny green leaves, then covers itself in deep-pink blooms in late spring. Requires regular watering in well-drained soil. Best outdoors.

11. Variegated Artillery Plant


Perfect for humid terrariums or fairy gardens, this Pilea needs occasional pinching at the tips to keep the plant small. Look for the plain green-leafed version, too.

12. Dwarf Umbrella Plant


Schefflera make a nice choice for those new to bonsai. Water thoroughly after soil becomes very dry. Pinch tips to shape.

13. Miniature Oakleaf Creeping Fig


Its preference for low light and high humidity make this pretty little vine a good choice for terrariums or moist dish gardens.

14. Coleus


Upright coleus with small leaves make a bright focal point in miniature gardens. Some can be trained to a single stem by removing side foliage.

15. Ripple Peperomia


Available in burgundy or green, this little plant is a nice addition to a terrarium, growing to only about 6 inches tall. Soil should be moist but well-draining.

16. Bugleweed


Every spring, this leafy groundcover plant sends up bloom stalks covered in deep-blue flowers. It goes dormant in cold-winter climates.

17. Golden Monterey Cypress


Soft to the touch, this dwarf cypress needs full sun for bright gold color, but it prefers temperatures in 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit range. Allow soil to dry slightly before watering.

18. Golden Creeping Speedwell


Forms a nearly flat carpet of small round leaves; blooms with light blue flowers in summer. Drought-tolerant once established.

19. Dwarf Ixora


This dwarf slow-growing shrub has a naturally rounded shape. It blooms repeatedly in full sun, but make sure it gets regular water.

20. Asparagus Fern


Not a true fern, this plant is more tolerant of dry indoor air than real ferns are. Prefers bright, indirect light over full shade. Soil should be well-drained.

21. Dwarf Arrowhead Plant


This dwarf version of the popular houseplant makes a good choice for a terrariums, as it grows only 4-6 inches tall.

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