Nail the rustic boho look with a simple three-plant hanger made of just rope and barnwood.
finished hanging planter rope shelf

Rustic boho meets farmhouse chic with this indoor hanging planter. And all you need by way of supplies are a strand of sturdy rope and a slab of wood! Drill holes for the rope and pots, and you’re all set to display a row of plants in style. We’ve configured this project for three 4-inch pots, but you can expand it with a longer piece of wood as long as the rope is strong enough to hold. When you’re finished making it, fill it with whatever plants your heart desires—fresh herbs, flowers, or succulents. Hang it up in a sunny spot and enjoy the bright greenery it brings to your home.

Pair this project with a hanging rope shelf!

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 30 mins
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Drilling, Planting

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

drilling hole in board with hole saw
drilling additional holes along board
Step 1

Drill Holes for Pots

Locate the center of your board and drill an opening with the hole saw. Use clamps to hold the wood in place on your work surface. Next, drill two additional holes on either side with the hole saw centered on the board. The center of the holes should be 5-inches from either end. We used a 3 ½-inch hole saw for this project, which fits 4-inch planters.

Editor's Tip: We recommend keeping your wood piece to 36 inches or shorter. Any longer and the wood is likely to bow.

How to Use Wood Clamps
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How to Use Wood Clamps

Don't let your project slip away. See how easy it is to keep it right where you want it with wood clamps.

drilling rope holes in wood
Step 2

Drill Holes for Rope

Make a mark 1 inch from the long and short sides at each corner of your board. Drill small holes with a ½-inch bit (four holes total). Continue to use clamps to steady the wood while you work. These will be the openings you thread the hanging rope through.

Editor's Tip: Make sure your planter holes are large enough to hold the pots, but not so large that the wood is no longer stable. If you're unsure, reinforce the underside of the shelf with thin metal braces,

planter with ropes in holes
Step 3

Add Rope and Pots

Thread rope through holes, threading one loose end through the two holes on each narrow end. Pull the center of the rope and loose ends together and tie the loose ends in a knot. Flip board over. When you pick up your hanger, it will appear to have four strands, but it is all one piece of rope. Hang in desired location. Line your pots with plastic bags, then insert plants and place in hanger.


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