Elevate your indoor gardening game with one of these stunning terrariums. Your favorite succulents, air plants, and cacti will thank you for their new home.

By Jenny Krane
November 26, 2018
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Keep your green thumb fresh in the winter months by starting an indoor garden. Starting on a small scale can save you from getting overwhelmed, so terrariums are a great place to start if you're at all intimidated by raising plants to call your own. Choose a terrarium container for your favorite air plants, succulents, and mosses that reflects you and your style without distracting from the contents within. These are some of our favorite picks. As a bonus, you can get them all online!

glass planters that look like they're melting with driftwood bases, filled with rocks, moss and succulents
Image courtesy of West Elm

Wood + Glass Terrariums

Go for some natural whimsy with these one-of-a-kind fishbowl-style terrariums. The bowl on top is made of recycled glass and is placed onto the natural wood base while it is still malleable, causing it to form to the base and lightly singe the wood base for added texture. Choose from three different sizes (or buy one of each!).

Brushed silver and glass terrarium geometric triangular
Image courtesy of World Market

Antique Zinc Slanted House Terrarium

Create a cozy home for indoor plants with this tabletop display—we love the A-frame vibe of this slanted roof terrarium. Brushed zinc creates the frame and glass panels fill in the rest for a rustic—yet chic—look. A hinged door makes it easy to rearrange the contents of the terrarium and to water your plants.

Cylindrical all glass terrarium with moss and airplant inside
Image courtesy of Terrain

Open Oval Terrarium

Go for a minimalist terrarium to really show off the plants inside. This cylindrical terrarium is open at both ends, making it easy to tuck in moss, air plants, or small succulents. Because it's made of glass, this terrarium container should only be used indoors.

Bottle terrarium with light wood base and a light wood ball closure on top
Image courtesy of Walmart

CYS-Excel Glass Terrarium

Make a statement with your indoor plants by placing them in this 14-inch-tall terrarium. The glass cloche can be used on its own as a jar but transforms into a cute terrarium with a wooden base and ball stopper on top, which looks in moisture for humidity-loving plants. The tall and narrow design makes it easy to show off layers of plants, moss, rocks, and sand.

Clear glass bulbous terrarium with dappled light stone base, filled with smooth stones and air plants
Image courtesy of AllModern

Concrete and Glass Terrarium

Give your indoor garden a solid base. This terrarium sits atop a poured concrete slab that has the swirled appearance of marble. The vessel has a wide mouth that makes it easy to stick your hand in to rearrange your terrarium plants and accessories if needed.

Glass cloche terrarium with turquoise base and clear dome, filled with sand, rocks and a grass-like succulent
Image courtesy of Terrain

Colorblock Base Cloche

Add a pop of color (besides green) to your terrarium design. This colorblock glass cloche looks like it was dip-dyed in turquoise dye and almost gives the appearance of water. The sand, rocks, and reed-like plant inside makes this terrarium look like a slice out of a lake's shoreline.

Image courtesy of Hayneedle

Old World Wardian Case Terrarium

Call upon the Gothic look of the Edwardian era for a unique terrarium container. This greenhouse-inspired planter has curved glass sides and a dark metal base. The bottom and top edges are embellished with decorative wrought-iron details for a vintage look. The structure also comes with a plastic lining inside the base for easy plant swapping.

Image courtesy of AllModern

Cogburn Glass Terrarium

Elevate your indoor garden with this glass terrarium. The round glass piece has a circular cutout that makes it easy to place your favorite plants inside. The glass orb nestles perfectly inside the black metal base with thin and long legs. Both available sizes are under a foot tall, making it easy to place on a shelf or side table in your home.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Geometric Metal Terrarium

Diamonds are a girl's best friend—and diamond-shaped terrariums are an indoor gardener's dream. Bring some glam to your indoor decor with this dainty geometric terrarium. It's under six inches tall, giving just enough space for your favorite air plant to live.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Pear Glass Terrarium

Looking for something sweet? This all-glass terrarium is the pearfect vessel for a plant on your kitchen windowsill. You can also buy a matching glass apple terrarium to accompany it.


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