7 Tabletop Christmas Trees That Make the Cutest Holiday Decorations

Plus, the pint-sized trees can be houseplants or planted outside to enjoy for many holidays to come.

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tabletop christmas tree
Courtesy of Bloomscape

Many people like the idea of a real Christmas tree that stands (at least) 6 feet tall, full of branches dripping with shiny ornaments, sparkling lights, and finished with a beautiful topper. But that's not always the most realistic option, especially if you live in a smaller space, are on a tight budget, or have a pet who likes to play with (destroy) your decorations. A tabletop Christmas tree is a perfect option for any size of space, they come in a variety of price points, and, you can easily keep it out of your furry friend's reach. Plus, with all of these options, you can either keep the tree as a houseplant or plant it outdoors and watch your former pint-sized Tannenbaum flourish.

These tabletop Christmas trees are a perfect addition to your full-size Tannenbaum, or use one of these smaller versions in place of a large evergreen. Each one would look perfect on your table (of course) or featured on your holiday-themed mantel. You can even add lightweight string lights and ornaments to make the tree super festive. These plants also make a great gift for the gardener in your family. In some cases, quantity is limited so make sure to order sooner rather than later. Whether you prefer a more traditional-style evergreen or a unique houseplant, these tabletop Christmas trees are perfect for adding joy to your home.

Best Smelling Tabletop Christmas Tree: Mini Lemon Cypress

lymon cypress tree
Courtesy of Bloomscape

As the name implies, mini lemon cypress has a "refreshing, subtle citrus scent," says Lindsay Pangborn, gardening expert for Bloomscape. Each plant is 14-17 inches tall and comes in a pot with a drainage hole and a saucer. (You can choose among five colors for the planter.) Pangborn says the plant prefers a room temperature around 55-75°F and a few hours of direct sunlight each day. It can also deal with bright, indirect light, she says. Pangborn recommends watering the plant when "50% of the soil volume is dry," and also to pay attention to the humidity in the room; the mini lemon cypress prefers humid conditions. "Branch tips turning dry and crispy is a common sign of low humidity that can occur over the winter months," Pangborn explains. "Increasing humidity with a pebble tray, humidifier, or frequent misting will often solve this issue." Another fun fact about this houseplant? "It can be sheared into many different shapes, pruned as a topiary, or even grown as a bonsai," she adds.

Best Pre-Lit Tabletop Christmas Tree: Simple Living Spruce

pre lit tabletop tree
Courtesy of Breck's Gifts

The beauty about this option is that it comes pre-lit, so the decorating is already done! (There's also a version without lights.) The lit version features 20 battery-operated fairy lights, and both options are 2 feet tall. Make sure to water your potted spruce regularly and keep it away from excessive heat near a stove or fireplace to prevent the tree from drying out. If you purchase the pre-lit option, make sure you are careful about how long you leave the lights on. Depending on your Hardiness Zone, you can plant your tree outside after the holidays are over if the soil isn't frozen.

Best Succulent Tabletop Christmas Tree: Live Succulents Christmas Tree

succulent tabletop christmas tree
Courtesy of Etsy/ Succulent Artworks

Who says a Christmas tree has to be an evergreen? Use this succulent tree as your Christmas table centerpiece for a truly unique display. This "tree" features live succulents attached to a moss-covered cone. A sprinkle of glitter on the plants adds just the right amount of sparkle. You can purchase a 14-inch tree for $175 or an 18-inch tree for $230. Your succulent tree requires the same care as other indoor succulents. Make sure the plants receive plenty of light and water them sparingly, but don't let the plants get totally parched. If you see one of the succulents start to outgrow the arrangement, carefully clip it off and place it in dry soil in a pot with a drainage hole for it to start growing. One happy buyer gives the succulent tree a 5-star rating and raves, "Beautiful is a understatement! These are works of art!"

Best Decorated Tabletop Christmas Tree: Woodland Tabletop Live Tree with Lights

woodland tabletop christmas tree
Courtesy of L. L. bBean

Another pre-decorated option is this tabletop tree that comes in two sizes: regular (22-26 inches) and large (26-30 inches). The dwarf Alberta spruce tree comes with battery-operated LED lights, pinecone decorations, and a red metal planter for a festive touch. Plus, each purchase comes with care instructions to help your tabletop tree thrive. When the celebrations are done, you can plant your tree outside in the spring, where it will slowly grow 8-10 feet tall. One person gives the spruce a 5-star review and writes, "The tree is healthy, beautifully shaped and the tiny white lights are nicely placed." Another happy buyer adds, "We purchased the larger tree and used it outside on our front porch. The neighbors all commented on how lovely it looked. It sure added sparkle to our holiday!"

Best Air Plant Tabletop Christmas Tree: Air Plant Christmas Tree

airplant christmas tree
Courtesy of Etsy/ Air Plant Shop Com

Your holiday guests will be in awe over this handmade air plant Christmas tree. You can choose between a 10-inch tree for $75 or a 12-inch tree for $100. Each tree includes red globes and either 35 air plants or 50 tillandsias. Every purchase comes with care instructions, and luckily, air plants are pretty easy to take care of with a little TLC. One pleased purchaser gives their tree a 5-star review and writes, "Air plants arrived healthy, and they were packed well. Love them; definitely will order from them again!"

Best Tabletop Christmas Tree for No Mess: Tabletop Norfolk Pine

tabletop norfolk pine
Courtesy of Bloomscape

Contrary to the name, the Norfolk pine is actually a tropcial plant native to the South Pacific, Pangborn says. Each purchase comes with a 18-24-inch tree in a planter with a drainage hole and saucer. The pot comes in five shades. "The Norfolk pine is a great option for a living Christmas tree; it resembles a traditional cut tree but as a living, potted plant, it won't drop needles everywhere," Pangborn explains. The easy-to-grow houseplant likes bright, indriect light or direct sunlight and needs water when 25% of the soil is dry. Pangborn recommends misting the tree oftern or placing it with other houseplants to increase the humidity. "One of the coolest benefits of the Norfolk pine trees is that this Pine will live for years to come," Pangborn notes. "You can even move it outdoors during the summer to encourage growth and enjoy the more tropical weather." If you'd like a larger version, try the Norfolk Pine Tree. (I have one, and I absolutely love it!)

Best Tabletop Christmas Tree for Affordability: Live Alberta Spruce Christmas Tree

tabletop alberta spruce
Courtesy of Walmart

Searching for an affordable tabletop Christmas tree? Check out this Alberta spruce. Each plant is 20-24 inches tall and comes in a 1-gallon galvanized container complete with a red bow and gift tag that adds a farmhouse vibes. The spruce is easy to care for, just water the soil when it's dry. In the spring, you can plant the tree in USDA Zones 3 through 8 in an area that's full sun to part shade. Be sure to water the tree regularly and fertilize each spring.

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