The Easy-to-Grow Raven ZZ Plant Has Amazing Almost-Black Leaves

Raven is a trendy, newer variety of ZZ plant that used to be rare and expensive, but now it's widely available at affordable prices.

Each spring brings the opportunity to discover new plants and flowers to decorate your home and garden. If you're searching for a unique yet easy-care houseplant, look no further than Raven ZZ plant from the Costa Farms Trending Tropicals collection. This dark-leaved beauty made its debut in 2019, and since then, it has gained popularity with both experienced houseplant collectors and beginners. At first, availability was limited, which meant Raven was hard to come by and the plants often sold for a pretty penny. But now, growers have had enough time to increase their stock, which means you can readily find this houseplant nationwide in stores like Walmart, The Home Depot, and Lowe's, if not your local grocery store.

potted raven zz plant on wooden table
Courtesy of Costa Farms

Purple (Almost-Black) Foliage

Raven sports deep, deep purple glossy leaves. Its foliage is so dark that it can appear black in rooms with low lighting. Justin Hancock, head of brand marketing at Costa Farms describes this variety as "a stylish version of a practically indestructible, tried-and-true houseplant. Its purple-black foliage stands out and fits in a wide variety of home decor styles." The sleek leaves and striking color evoke the popular modern farmhouse style and fit right in with classic black and white decorating schemes.

Buy It: Raven ZZ Plant ($37, Walmart)

A focal point on its own, Raven anchors a tabletop or mantle. Its shiny leaves and strong, upright stems give it a bold visual presence, making it a wonderful plant for modern or contemporary homes. Play up its purple-black foliage by pairing it with colorful, hard-to-kill houseplants such as Chinese evergreen, red aglaonema, and snake plant.

Anyone Can Grow It

Just like its green-hued cousins in the ZZ plant family, Raven is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. It's the perfect plant for newbies or people with a busy lifestyle who might not have time to care for houseplants regularly. ZZ plant is tolerant of almost all types of light levels from low to bright light, but it's best to keep it out of direct sunlight. Drought tolerant Raven doesn't mind low humidity and can also go a couple of weeks without water. In fact, it grows best when the soil is allowed to dry out between waterings. It's a slow-growing plant; expect it to grow about 30 inches tall and wide over a period of several years.

Like super-popular black succulents, Raven appeals to houseplant lovers' desire for new and unusual plants that are also easy to keep alive. So keep your eye out for this dark-leaved ZZ plant at garden centers and grocery stores near you to try it for yourself.

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