5 New Ways to Display Houseplants

Display your favorite houseplants with a more personalized touch. These five plant display ideas are simple to make and put plastic nursery pots to shame.

planting pots in barn wood mount
Photo: Brie Passano

It's easy to leave plants in nursery pots and forget about them. But, with these five houseplant display ideas, both the planter and the plant are part of the decor. Wall-mounted projects allow plants to double as wall art while hanging options add up-high green to any space. Test out these easy and eye-catching ways to hang plants inside.

Air Plant Pipe Shelf

For this project, you only need a few tools: a level, a stud finder and a drill. You will also need a picture shelf, assorted sizes of PVC pipe fittings, painters tape, spray paint, and your favorite air plants. The first step is to tape off stripes on the pipe fittings with painters tape. Once you are done taping, spray paint the fittings. We used a metallic spray paint to create bronze horizontal stripes. Let dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

While the paint is drying, use a level and a stud finder to hang the picture shelf on the wall. Most shelves will come with screws and pre-drilled pilot holes. Once the shelf is secured onto the wall, add a layer of smooth decorative stones to the shelf. Then, place the painted PVC fittings onto the shelf and display air plants on top of each fitting.

L-Angle Plant Shelf

This easy project is quick to create and can be customized to match any style of decor. This project requires 3/4" thick cedar boards, wood glue, wood stain, sandpaper, painters tape and hanging hardware. Tool-wise, you will need clamps, a nail gun and a hammer. To start, cut one piece of wood to 9" x 5 1/2" and a second to 5 1/2" x 5 1/2". Sand the wood pieces.

Place a piece of 1" tape across the top of the back side of the 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" piece of wood. Use the tape as a guide to position a second piece of tape right in front of it. Remove the first piece of tape. The piece of tape left will act as a guide for where to glue the 9" x 5 1/2" piece of wood as well as protecting the wood from getting glue on it.

Put a line of glue on the bottom edge of the 9" piece of wood and spread it. Use the tape as a guide to position glue and attach the two pieces. There will be 1/4" of the smaller wood piece exposed behind the larger piece of wood. This will allow the shelf to hang vertically on the wall when hangers are attached to it. Clamp the boards together in place and allow the glue to dry. After it is dry, place 4 to 5 nails into where the boards overlap to secure them together. Stain the shelf as desired.

Attach hangers to the back. Use a level to mark where the hanging nails should be. Use a hammer to lightly tap the hanging nails into the wall, then hang the shelf. Place small houseplants in planters of your choice onto the shelves for a dynamic and rustic wall display.

Ring Plant Holder

This houseplant display idea couldn't be any easier. All you need is a drill, a driver, and a metal plant ring. Simply position and hang the plant ring on wall with included screws. Sit a potted plant into the ring. The plant will appear to be floating against the wall. This plant holder is a great idea for saving floor space and counter space without adding a large hanging structure to a room's decor.

Barn Wood Plant Holder

Create a simple plant holder out of a piece of reclaimed barn wood. You will need a pencil, clamps, a nail driver, a hole saw and a drill in your tool belt for this project. For materials, you need two 1" x 4" x 20" wood boards, sandpaper, wood glue, a nail gun, wood stain, and hanging hardware. Start by lightly sanding the boards. Then, along the long end of a board, make marks in the center and 4" from both ends of the board. These three marks will show you where to drill.

One inch from one of the long edges, drill three holes with a 3 1/2" hole saw. The holes will break through the long end of the board. Sand the board again as needed. Position, then glue, clamp and nail the board with holes cut in it to the center of the second board. Let dry, then place a few nails into the back of the second board where it overlaps with the first for extra stability. Stain, if desired.

Editor's Tip: Apply tape to prevent glue from bleeding.

Add nail hangers to the back of the second board. That board will hang flat against the wall. Use a hammer to lightly tap hanging nails into the wall, then hang the shelf. Place three 4" pots with plants into the gaps of the shelf.

Wood Bowl Hanging Planter

Create an attractive wood hanging basket to replace the basic plastic pots sold in stores. This easy project requires two tools: a drill with a 1/2" bit and scissors. Drill 4, 1/2" holes equidistant around the edge of a 12" wood bowl, 3/4" from the top rim of the bowl. Thread one continuous length of 3/8" rope through the holes in the bowl.

Editor's Tip: Use a piece of tape to guide your rope through each hole to make threading easier and to prevent fraying.

Trim a 12" plastic plant tray so that it fits inside wooden planter. Use tape as a guide to keep the sides of the tray even. Gather the ends of the rope above the bowl, then glue and tie into a hanging loop. Fill the bowl with potting soil, then plant flowers, succulents, or cacti. Hang the planter from a ceiling hook.

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