Give your air plant a home in an environment of beauty when you mount it against a backdrop of natural wood.
air plants displayed on wood slices

The mystical air plant subsists not on air as its name suggests, but absorbs moisture through unique structures on its leaves. Since it requires no soil, a wide range of display options are available to you for showing off your air plants. Embrace their natural beauty by crafting an air plant hanger out of a metal ring secured to a wood slice. Display several air plants in a cluster on your wall or brighten up your workspace with a little piece of nature.

Editor's Tip: Copper is toxic to air plants. We used copper-colored pipe hangers.

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 3 hrs
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Cutting, Sanding, Staining/sealing

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

attaching picture hanger to wood slice
Step 1

Prep Wood Slices

Apply two coats of flat, water-based polyurethane to the wood slices, sanding between coats. Also brush poly onto the bell-shaped pipe hanger. Let the poly dry for 2 hours in between coats. This will seal your planter and protect it from wear and tear. Next, attach a picture hanger to the backside of the wood slice. Use needle-nose pliers to secure the nails for the hanger before hammering.

marking pipe hanger position on wood slice
Step 2

Mark Pipe Hanger Position

Position pipe hanger and mark position lightly with a pencil. (The hanger will cover up the pencil mark.) Use the air plant to help determine where you'd like to place the pipe hanger, then set aside.

drilling pilot hole through wood slice
Step 3

Drill Pipe Hanger Hole

Place a piece of scrap wood underneath the wood slice to protect the table you are working on. Drill a pilot hole through the entire wood slice. This will mark the center attachment point of your hanger.

securing pipe hanger to wood slice
Step 4

Attach Pipe Hanger

Snip the screw that is supplied with the pipe hanger to match the thickness of the wood slice. Screw the pipe hanger to the wood to secure it. All that's left to do is hang your wood slice up on the wall and add an air plant!


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