Deck the Halls with Houseplants: Bloomscape Is Having a Sale on Fuss-Free Plants

The trio of low-maintenance plants makes the perfect gift.

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bloomscape tough stuff collection
Photo: Courtesy of Bloomscape

Now that we're a week into December, you've probably started tackling your holiday to-do list, and one of the major tasks is to purchase all the presents for friends and family. Although there's a shortage of many items this year (and yes, that includes certain popular gifts) there is still time to buy for everyone on your nice list. A new houseplant makes a good gift for just about anyone, and right now, Bloomscape is having a sale on the Tough Stuff Collection. The pack, which includes a hoya variety, a sansevieria (snake plant), and a ZZ plant, usually retails for $69. Starting today, you can purchase the trio for 22% off.

The aptly named Tough Stuff Collection has three houseplants that even the most forgetful plant parents can grow. Depending on availability, the exact variety of the hoya will vary, but the care instructions for each will be similar. (For exactly how to care for your new houseplants, be sure to read the instructions that will come with your purchase.) When you buy the Tough Stuff Collection, you'll be able to choose from three pot and saucer colors: basalt, alabaster, or terracotta. Each planter is 4 inches in diameter and 3.75 inches tall and features a drainage hole for easy watering.


hoya from bloomscape
Courtesy of Bloomscape

The hoya is a drought-tolerant option that prefers medium to bright indirect light. Your hoya won't like to be water-logged, so only water when the soil feels dry to the touch. You can fertilize the houseplant once in the spring and once in the summer to encourage growth. Depending on the variety you receive, it will grow 6 to 12 inches tall and 6 to 48 inches wide.

Price at time of publish: $79

Snake Plant

sansevieria from bloomscape
Courtesy of Bloomscape

A snake plant is ideal for anyone who swears they kill every plant they own. The super adaptable option features bold, upright, narrow leaves that have a snake-like pattern on them. Indoors, snake plants can grow about 3 feet tall, depending on the variety. Like hoya, your snake plant is very drought-tolerant and won't appreciate overwatering. Although bright, indirect sunlight is best, snake plant can also survive in a darker part of your home.

Price at time of publish: $79

ZZ Plant

zz plant from bloomscape
Courtesy of Bloomscape

Rounding out the bunch is the ZZ plant with green leathery foliage. This option grows about 2 feet tall and wide. However, this is a slow-growing plant so it takes a while to reach full size. Your ZZ plant will prefer low-light conditions; direct sunlight can burn its beautiful leaves. Let your houseplant's soil dry between waterings, but give it a soaking when the top inch of the soil is dry. Twice a year, fertilize with a balanced liquid fertilizer at half strength.

Price at time of publish: $79

If you're searching for more deals on houseplants, check out the rest of Bloomscape's 12 days of discounted plants going on until December 11. (And check the website for the previous discounts that are still happening.) Tomorrow, December 7, the little fiddle-leaf fig is 25% off, so if you'd like a more challenging but rewarding houseplant for your home, make sure you don't miss out. On December 8, the money tree is also 25% off, the parlor palm is 30% off on the 9th, the monstera is 25% on the 10th, and the bromeliad pineapple is 25% on the 11th. All of the deals go on until 12 a.m. PST on Sunday, December 12. You're sure to find a gift for the plant lover in your life—especially if that's you!

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