21 Stunning Amaryllis Varieties for a Burst of Winter Color

Close up of Royal Velvet Amaryllis
Photo: Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

The huge, colorful blooms of amaryllis bulbs are perfect for brightening up your home during the winter months. Around the holidays, the vibrant red—or even red and white—flowers make festive additions to your decorating, but there are plenty of other varieties you might choose. Here's a look at some of the most gorgeous amaryllis plants with blooms in eye-catching hues, patterns, and shapes.

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amaryllis tempation
Courtesy of Walmart

'Temptation' takes the prize for most intricately patterned flowers among amaryllis varieties. The seven-inch white trumpets are edged in red with crimson streaks and speckles on each petal, centered in a red throat. The blooms appear to change their patterns each time you look. Temptation's stems reach about two feet tall.

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Dancing Queen

Close up of Dancing Queen Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

'Dancing Queen,' a double amaryllis variety, produces so many petals, the flowers look extra full. Double varieties also tend to bloom a little sooner than single amaryllis varieties, so impatient gardeners won't have to wait as long to see the flowers. The multitude of red-and-white-striped petals make for a stunning flower on two-foot-tall stems.

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Double Dream

Close up of Double Dream Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

Another double amaryllis, the blooms of this gorgeous variety can be as large as seven inches across atop 18-inch stems. 'Double Dream' has deep pink petals tinged with white at the tips, and resembles an old-fashioned rose or peony when fully open. The romantic petals can fit right in for the holidays, but they'd work equally well for Valentine's Day.

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Monaco Amaryllis in white pot sitting in front of window
Courtesy of White Flower Farm

There's no shortage of red amaryllis varieties to choose from, but 'Monaco' is possibly the brightest, most fiery red. The huge red flowers instantly make a room feel warmer, even on the coldest winter day. A few streaks of white along the petals and a pale yellow-green center provide an eye-catching contrast. 'Monaco' can grow up to 28 inches tall.

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Close up of Samba Amaryllis bloom
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

No matter how dreary winter gets, one look at 'Samba' will make your day seem brighter. This beautiful amaryllis has bold red flowers with a white star in the center and crisp white-edged petals. Each bloom can span seven to eight inches across on two-foot-tall stems.

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Popov Amaryllis in white pot on nightstand next to bed
Courtesy of White Flower Farm

Think of 'Samba' in reverse and you'll get 'Popov.' Each spectacular bloom has white petals speckled and streaked with rosy red. The candy cane effect makes it a perfect fit for holiday decor. The stems reach about two feet tall.

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Close up of Exposure Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

'Exposure' boasts the most vibrant pink petals of just about any amaryllis variety. Each petal has a white stripe down the middle, so that from a distance, the flower looks like a star. A chartreuse center gives the whole bloom a pretty accent. 'Exposure' can be 10 inches across, with stems to two feet.

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Fantasy Amaryllis bulb in clear vase on table
Courtesy of White Flower Farm

Add spirit to your holiday decor with bold, beautiful 'Fantasy.' This spectacular amaryllis has white blooms streaked with red and pink, somewhat like a candy cane. No two blooms are exactly alike, but each is stunning. The stems reach about two feet tall.

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Stargazer Amaryllis in decorative pot sitting on table in room
Courtesy of White Flower Farm

The distinctive white markings in the middle of this variety's wide, rich red petals make it clear where 'Stargazer' got its name. Each captivating bloom can expand to eight inches across on stems that reach as much as 30 inches tall.

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Magic Green

Close up of Magic Green Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

The blooms of 'Magic Green' have an unusual pale green color tinged with rusty red. This amaryllis variety also has pointed, narrower petals that give it a striking, star-like appearance. Stems reach about 20 inches tall.

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Close up of Marilyn Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

Like its Hollywood namesake, 'Marilyn' has a classic beauty. The double blooms are almost pure white, with just a touch of green at the center, atop 18-inch stems. This showy amaryllis will bring elegance to any decor.

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Aphrodite Amaryllis in container sitting on table
Courtesy of White Flower Farm

This double amaryllis has large, frilly blooms that are impossible to overlook. The layers of white, ruffled petals would be enough to make 'Aphrodite' stand out, but the reddish streaks and yellowish green centers enhance its beauty even more.

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Close up of Nagano Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

The rich reddish-orange flowers of 'Nagano,' accented with a white stripe and chartreuse throat, add warmth to any room. It's just close enough to red to fit in with holiday decorations, but its deep orange hue makes it unique, a step away from traditional crimson amaryllises. This variety also makes a pretty springtime centerpiece. The stems reach about 18 inches tall.

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Close up of Picotee Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

This elegant amaryllis has bright white petals with thin red edges and a greenish center. 'Picotee' grows 20-25 inches tall, making it an impressive centerpiece or cut flower for large bouquets.

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Close up of Pink Nymph Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

Double-flowered 'Nymph' varieties always put on a show when they bloom, and they come in several colors and patterns. For example, 'Pink Nymph' (shown here) has spectacular double blooms that feature almost every shade of pink at once. And 'Sunshine Nymph' almost glows with warm, coral-colored petals. Expect stems to reach 18 to 24 inches tall.

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Apple Blossom

Amaryllis 'Appleblossom'
Helen Norman

One of the most popular amaryllis varieties, 'Apple Blossom' features soft pink and white flowers. The striking blooms can reach eight inches wide on 26-inch-tall stems.

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Royal Velvet

Close up of Royal Velvet Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

One of the deepest red amaryllises you can find, 'Royal Velvet' certainly lives up to its regal name. Its crimson petals really do have a velvety, luxurious appearance. It's so spectacular when in bloom that it even received the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. Stems reach 24 inches tall.

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Sumatra Amaryllis in decorative pot on dining room table
Courtesy of White Flower Farm

If you're used to seeing amaryllis flowers with wider petals, 'Sumatra' might cause you a double-take. The reddish orange blooms on 20-inch stems feature pointed, narrow petals that might make you think you're looking at an orchid. This variety is typically smaller than other amaryllises, but it's no less striking.

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La Paz

La Paz Amaryllis on plain background
Courtesy of White Flower Farm

Like 'Sumatra', this amaryllis features unique blooms. 'La Paz' has red-and-green striped petals, perfect for displaying during the holidays. The unusual flowers bloom on stems 20 to 24 inches tall.

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'Chico' amaryllis Hippeastrum
William N. Hopkins

With its spidery petals and red-and-green color scheme, 'Chico' is sure to attract attention. This amaryllis gets about 24 inches tall, and it also makes a striking cut flower.

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Close up of Susan Amaryllis
Courtesy of Flowerbulbs.com

Wide, rounded, slightly cupped petals give 'Susan' the look of a classic amaryllis. This variety's soft pink blooms can reach eight to 10 inches across with a light green center on 20-inch stems. The pink hue is neither too pale nor too intense, so it's easy to mix and match with just about any decor.

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