No outdoor garden? No problem. Fill your space with indoor houseplants instead. These companies make it so easy to shop stylish options that are just right for your home.

By Tamara Kraus of Real Simple

Filling your home with greenery has a surprising number of health benefits, but if you feel like you don't have enough time to go out and find the right indoor houseplants for your space, you're in luck. These companies deliver stunning, potted plants directly to your door, from small succulents to fiddle leaf fig trees. They make creating an indoor garden way less stressful—and not expensive at all.

Image courtesy of The Sill

The Sill

Think of The Sill as your personal guide to indoor gardening. This trendy brand will walk you through the process as a new plant parent with its online plant care section. Here, you can find out how to pick a planter or how to repot your indoor houseplant easily. Shop for anything from small succulents that start at just $10 to colorful pots and planting accessories, too. And if you’re in New York, check out the weekly workshops in store.

Image courtesy of Léon and George

Léon and George Magenta Triostar Plant

Ron and Nico named Léon and George after their own pets, a tabby cat and parrot, respectively, because their pets were big fans of their own indoor jungles. Every plant is grown in the U.S. in native climates, so you’re only getting the best quality greenery around. And the service doesn’t stop there—there’s a plant doctor available to answer any questions to keep your plant happy. Shop for indoor houseplants in a range of categories, including pet-friendly plants, easy-care plants, and plants that purify the air. All plants are paired with a stylish pot available in multiple colors, so you can instantly create the indoor garden you’ve been longing for. The best part? All plants are just $129, including the pot.

Image courtesy of Bloomscape


These living-room ready plants will transform your space instantly. Bloomscape delivers lush plants—from a golden pothos to a fiddle leaf fig—in innovative packaging that keeps them happy during their commute. Plus, everything is under $200, and you can text a “plant mom” for any questions you may have. On the website, you can filter by plant size, degree of difficulty to maintain, how much natural light your plant will be exposed to, and more to get the perfect plant for your space.


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