22 Creative DIY Indoor Hanging Plant Holders

Morchid hanger
Photo: Adam Albright

Indoor hanging plant holders are an easy way to add greenery to your home without crowding floor space or table tops. They can double as wall art, too! If you're wondering how to make a hanging plant holder yourself, we've got you covered. Check out 22 of our favorite DIY hanging plant holders that effortlessly incorporate greenery into your home decor. You'll wish you had room for them all!

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Wood Bowl Hanging Planter

wooden handing planter with succulents
Brie Passano

This wood bowl hanging planter will add an earthy quality to your space. The clean aesthetic of this indoor hanging plant holder works in any style of room and can host a variety of plants. Flowers, succulents or cacti will feel right at home in this rustic display.

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Hanging Macramé Plant Holder

DIY hanging indoor planter

BHG / Adelyn Duchala

Macramé hanging plant holders are making a comeback—and for good reason. These indoor hanging plant holders can be super easy to make and exude an effortless style that everyone loves. Create your own colorful or neutral macramé hanging plant holder in as little as just five simple steps.

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Hanging Orchid Planter

Morchid hanger
Adam Albright

This DIY hanging plant holder is a true stunner. The combination of moss, groundcover sedum, and bright orchids in a metal planter creates a romantic aura. Although it may look complex, this hanging plant holder can be made in less than an hour.

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Modular Cylinder Planters

Indoor/Outdoor Modular Cylinder Planters

Lightweight and gorgeously glossy, these cylinders are a showstopper when tied together to create a DIY hanging plant holder. You can get Fiori decor cylinders in eight colors and connect them with metal cording. Choose a variety of succulents and greenery to create a truly unique hanging plant holder that easily enhances the beauty of any space.

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Coatrack Hanging Garden

Coat Rack Hanging Garden

This coatrack hanging garden is indoor gardening innovation at its finest. Gather a collection of terrariums and air plants and hang them from the pegs on your wall-mounted coatrack for an original hanging plant holder arrangement. Genius.

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Air Plant Hanging Terrariums

air plant glass capsules

Less is more—and these glass hanging air plant holders prove it. Make a subtle statement by placing pretty air plants in small terrariums. Suspend them from the ceiling or a window frame, letting light stream through the glass and enhance their beauty. It doesn't get more elegant—or simple—than these DIY hanging plant holders.

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DIY Teardrop Plant Hanger

Mayes wooden hanging planter

Talk about a unique hanging plant pot holder! Perfect for bigger, trailing varieties like ivy or philodendron, this curvy hanging plant holder will leave an impression on everyone.

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Air Plant Mobile

mobile with seven hanging air plants

Obsessed with air plants? We are too. These low-maintenance plants are the ideal star for DIY hanging plant holders. Place air plants in twine balls and hang them from an embroidery hoop, creating a funky hanging air plant holder that brings life to an empty corner of your home.

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Air Plant Octopus

macrame planter with air plant octopus

Looking to incorporate beach spirit into your home? This air plant octopus is a creative and simple hanging air plant holder idea that will give you that aquatic accent you're craving. In just an hour, you'll have a trendy macramé hanging plant holder perfect for filling a corner of a room or hanging as a centerpiece above a table. Either way, you'll love this unique display.

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Brass Air Plant Holder

rustic shelf and hanging brass air plant holders

These are the ultimate hanging air plant holders. With a subtly shiny brass finish and sleek modern shape, we're on board with this high-end finish. Dangling these mini indoor hanging plant holders from a floating barnwood shelf creates the perfect blend of casual sophistication.

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Geometric Hanging Planter

finished hanging geo wood planters

Dress up plain wooden planters with a simple stripe of paint for modern hanging plant pots. Attach rope to a bundle of the wooden planters and hang from an indoor plant hanger.

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Kokedama Hanging Ball


People are going nuts over kokedama lately, and we're gladly jumping on the kokedama train, too. This Japanese growing technique grows plants from a ball of soil covered with moss, and makes for a one-of-a-kind hanging plant holder. Wrap your kokedama ball with twine or colorful macrame for a splash of color, and use this to suspend your ball from the ceiling. This indoor hanging plant holder is a striking display that's likely to be a conversation starter, too.

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Wood Slice Air Plant Hanger

air plants displayed on wood slices

These hanging air plant holders are perfect for the minimalist nature lover. Spindly air plants shine when held by bright copper pipe hangers against a natural wood backdrop. The wood slices will stand out against a neutral wall and will add a rustic feeling to your space.

Editor's Tip: Copper is toxic to air plants. Coat the copper with sealant prior to displaying the air plants to avoid killing the plants.

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Hanging Succulent Ball

hanging succulent ball on front porch

Take your hanging basket game to a whole new level with this beautiful hanging succulent ball. Ideal for the avid succulent lover, this hanging plant holder requires a wide variety of succulents to fill the orb. Soak the display in water for 10 minutes to give the plants a good watering, and let the ball dry out between waterings.

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Air Plant Pipe Shelf

white floating shelf with pvc pipe planters
Marty Baldwin

These air plant holders are perfect for someone who likes to keep things simple. The crisp white shelf and cylinders get a bit of shine with bronze stripes. Vary size and type of air plant for an interesting (and live!) piece of wall art.

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L-Angle Plant Shelf

l-shaped wooden shelves with cacti in vases
Marty Baldwin

If you're looking for a way to sneak some greenery into a tight space, these are the hanging plant holders for you. These L-angle plant shelves are simplicity at its finest. Keep them in their naturally distressed wood state, or paint them white to match a more modern space. Place a variety of small houseplants on the shelves, or mix in a few picture frames or small decorative objects.

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Barn Wood Plant Holder

planting pots in barn wood mount
Brie Passano

We want to find space for this adorable hanging plant holder in every room! Simply drill holes into a piece of reclaimed barn wood (make sure your holes are sized to hold mini terra cotta pots) and fill the pots with plants of your choice. We stained our shelf with a darker wood finish.

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Ring Plant Holder

wood plank wall with hanging plants
Marty Baldwin

This hanging plant pot holder couldn't be easier. Simply gather a drill, a driver, a metal plant ring, and a plant of your choice. Once you've screwed the metal ring into a wall, the plant will look like it's floating, creating an effortlessly beautiful illusion.

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Hanging Rope Planter

finished hanging planter rope shelf

This hanging rope planter channels a boho and modern farmhouse look at the same time. Using materials you likely already have tucked away at home—rope and wood—this hanging plant pot holder is easy to make. We created this project with room for three pots, but you can cut the wood to fit as many plants as you'd like, as long as the rope can hold its weight. Take the pots out of the hanger to water them—give them a soak in the sink and let them drain before placing them in the shelf.

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Hanging Wooden Shelf Vertical Garden

DIY Hanging Wooden Shelf Vertical Garden

If your space is always overflowing with plants, this indoor hanging plant holder is your attractive solution. Made with just wooden boards and rope, this clean houseplant display can hold as many as 16 pots—and looks best with a variety of plants! Gather all of the pots cluttering your space and create this gorgeous hanging plant pot holder. Make sure to leave enough room between the boards for your plants to grow.

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Paint Can Garden

Hanging Paint Can Herb Garden

Think twice the next time you toss empty paint cans—they could make the perfect hanging plant pots! Use wooden boards, metal cleats, and wood screws to create this DIY hanging plant holder. Mount the boards on a wall of your choosing, indoors or outdoors. Dress the paint cans up with a splash of color before hanging them on the cleats. We used our hanging plant holder for a fresh herb garden, but a variety of houseplants can thrive in this display.

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Air Plant Frame

air plants hanging on wires in white antique frame

Cover your walls in living art with this air plant frame. This unique indoor hanging plant holder combines an ornate frame, chicken wire, and air plants to create a whimsical piece of wall decor that is unexpected.

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