Shoppers Say This Indoor Grow Light 'Revived' Their Dying Plants—and It's on Sale for Just $25

No sunny windowsill? No problem.

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Gooingtop Grow Light
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Indoor plants always do best when they get the right amount of light. However, if you don't have a bright enough spot for your succulents, tropicals, and other sun-loving houseplants, you'll want to consider getting an LED grow light. Even gloomy weather and dark winter days are no match for a handy grow light like this one on Amazon, which has thousands of five-star ratings. And you can get it 33% off for a limited time.

The GooingTop LED Grow Light delivers full-spectrum lighting to your plants without needing to be placed outside. It uses both red and white LED lights to mimic sunlight around midday. This is when the sun is at its highest and its rays are at their peak, which is why shoppers confirm that this grow light has helped them grow everything from seedlings to cacti.

GooingTop Grow Light

Buy It: GooingTop LED Grow Light, $25 (was $37), Amazon

Designed specifically for indoor plants, the grow lamp is made with two heads and can be customized to your plants' needs with five levels of brightness that you control with the attached remote controller. The light can reach up to 2 square meters, giving your plants lighting that is evenly distributed. And even though the LED grow light is feeding your greenery, you'll appreciate that it doesn't emit heat, thanks to its energy-efficient bulbs.

To fit the light into your space, all you have to do is adjust the bendable neck to position it just the way you want it. It's also ideal for angling the light onto your plants for a full-coverage effect. It's designed with a clamp attachment, too, making it easy to place it practically anywhere, including a desk, shelf, or windowsill. Shoppers confirm that the clip is sturdy and holds its own without faltering.

If you're not home to turn the light on, don't worry; it has a clever timer that can turn off after four, eight, or 12 hours. If you're new to herb or vegetable gardening indoors, make sure to do your research to see how much light your plants need. Many herbs, for example, do best when soaking up at least 6 hours of bright sunlight, so this lamp will make it easer to provide all the light they need.

The popular plant grow light is loved by tons of gardeners, earning more than 3,100 five-star ratings on Amazon to date. In fact, one shopper said their plants are now "happy and growing under the grow lights." A second reviewer simply said it "revived my dying plants" while another called it a "plant saver," and credited it with keeping their aloe alive while they were on vacation.

Get your plants thriving again with the GooingTop plant light while it's on sale for just $25 right now.

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