Turn your snake plant or pothos into a statement piece with a little help from one of these stylish containers.
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The latest crop of pots is like sculpture for the home, pieces that look as great empty as they do filled with a houseplant. Why stick with plain terra-cotta and boring plastic planters when you can easily amp up the style factor with more decorative containers for houseplants? Even grocery stores like Aldi are catching on and selling their houseplants in fun, trendy containers. Give your indoor garden a fresh, new look with beautifully painted or elegantly shaped vessels like these five planters. Each combines function with style for pots you'll be proud to display.

white and red planter
Credit: Courtesy of Jungalow

1. Stackable Mix and Match Planters

This cool striped planter adapts as your plant grows. The modular design—the pot, base, and tray all come apart—allows you to display your houseplants at different heights. Or, mix and match the 6-inch ceramic pot with other colors in the collection. Striped, speckled, and solid color designs are available in lavender, cream, coral, black, and blue.

small colored planter
Credit: Courtesy of BTW Ceramics

2. Subtle Rainbow Pots

If simple is more your style, opt for these short-and-sweet porcelain planters with a hand-painted rainbow patch on the front. The white planter is 4.5 inches wide, while the green is just over 5 inches. Either would make an understand home for a houseplant with bright blooms or foliage, like an African violet or pink-veined nerve plant.

blue planter
Credit: Courtesy of Amara

3. Bold Blue Planter

The electric blue finish on this 5-inch concrete planter is the pick-me-up your living room needs, and will instantly attract attention to any houseplant inside, whether it's a spiky succulent or a lush, leafy Chinese evergreen.

gold and white marbled planter on white background
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

4. Elegant Marble Pot

Marble will never go out of style, so this round, gold and white marble-patterned planter would look chic anywhere in your home. This 5-inch ceramic container also comes in black and silver, which would stand out against any white marble accessories you already have.

stacked black and white herb planter
Credit: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

5. Minimalist Herb Planter

Planters that pull double-duty with style and function are ideal for the kitchen. This ceramic planter's simple two-tone design is modern, and also helps out all the forgetful gardeners of the world: fill the gray base with water, and the white planter wicks up enough moisture to keep your herbs' soil moist.

By Averi Baudler and Andrea Beck

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    March 3, 2020
    Beautiful containers. But, on the pricey side. Good inspiration to upgrade your houseplant pots. But cheaper alternatives can be found locally. Thanks BH&G...