This Gardener Swears Music Makes You a Better Plant Parent

Social media star Plantkween just launched a musically led plant-care experience on Spotify.

Scroll through Christopher Griffin's Instagram account, @Plantkween, and you'll be dazzled at the seemingly endless number of plants in the Brooklyn, New York apartment. "Right now, I have about 225 houseplants," Griffin says. Although some might think of caring for so many plants as a huge chore (or even a full-time job), Griffin makes it "magical" through music. "We associate plant care with a task, like 'Oh, I gotta water my plants again.' Throw that anxiety out the window, put on a cute playlist, and have some fun with it," they say. To inspire others to enjoy taking care of plants, Griffin teamed up with Spotify to launch Green Gurls Galore.

Christopher Griffin aka Plant Kween
Courtesy of Instagram/plantkween

The "lil' musically guided plant-care experience" debuted with its first episode today and will feature songs and plant advice from the one and only Plantkween. "The person who plays music [for their plants] is a good plant parent," they say. And apparently, plenty of others agree. According to Spotify, streams for the playlist Music for Plants, which features "mellow vibrations for green leaves, green thumbs, and green ears," surged 1,400% in the past year.

Many people have turned to gardening as a hobby (which probably fueled the increase in streams), but Griffin has been loving all things green from a young age, thanks to their grandma, who was known in Philadelphia as a plant expert locals could turn to. "My grandmother was the original green goddess in my life," Griffin says. "She carved out a special place in her life with her garden and invited me as a young child. I'm blessed and grateful she invited me into her world."

Christopher Griffin aka Plant Kween
Courtesy of Instagram/plantkween

With the knowledge gained from their grandmother, Griffin became a plant parent in the summer of 2015 and started the Instagram account in December of that year. "I found myself documenting the process, and [thought], 'why not share my process with people?'"

Just about every photo on the profile features a smiling and fabulous-looking Griffin showcasing various plants, paired with an informative caption about the greenery. They call every Sunday "my day" where they tend to each one of their many houseplants. "I put on some good music, put on a good outfit, and pour a drink."

Like kid parents or pet parents, Griffin doesn't necessarily have a favorite houseplant, but there are a few top picks that thrive in their apartment. "My 'Marble Queen' pothos, she's 9 feet long now, but she was a struggling queen when I welcome her into my home. And my Monstera deliciosa, she's another queen that was struggling. Now, in terms of largest leaves, she's the largest plant that I have. She's gorgeous," they add. Another treasured group is Griffin's family of 25 snake plants. "I love them dearly," Griffin says. "They're easy to care for. They add a nice texture with the elongated sharp leaves. And the biggest one is a little taller than me." (For reference, Griffin is 5'4".)

Clearly, with a vast collection of thriving houseplants, Griffin must be doing something right, and is excited to share tips through a new talk show. "I hope folks enjoy Green Gurls Galore," they say. "I'm sharing everything I've learned to pass that knowledge on, so someone can learn from it." You can stream Green Gurls Galore and Music for Plants on Spotify now.

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