You can find good deals on everything from tiny succulents to lush palms.

By Christie Calucchia
Updated February 20, 2020
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Is your obsession with houseplants slowly draining your wallet? It doesn’t have to anymore because pricey greenhouses and boutique plant shops are no longer your only options for purchasing plants. There are so many online retailers that sell high-quality houseplants at record-low prices. Instead of shelling out $20 to buy a small succulent from a brick-and-mortar store, you can get a large set of these easy-to-care-for plants for the same price by shopping online. Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy are filling their inventory with more affordable houseplants, and it’s never been easier to get a plant safely delivered right to your door. Check out the best places to buy cheap plants online that will soon have you clearing your shelves to make room for new green friends.

Courtesy of Amazon


You can order just about anything from Amazon, including live houseplants at affordable prices. The retail giant even has its own plant shop where you can find everything from assorted succulents to houseplants like this snake plant. They’re super easy to care for and this one in a 6-inch pot is well-priced at $15, plus free shipping.

Courtesy of Walmart


Kitchen appliances and entertainment systems may come to mind when you think of Walmart, but it’s also a great place to shop for cheap plants online. From large trees to small plants, the retail giant sells it all, and most are available for free delivery or in-store pickup. The only catch is that not all of the houseplants are for sale in every state, so be sure to read the fine print before you get too attached to your future plant baby.

Courtesy of The Sill

The Sill

This newer online plant retailer that has a wide range of affordable smaller plants (and some more expensive larger ones). For example, you can find this adorable parlor palm for just $5 (not including shipping). Keep in mind that if you select a larger size or add a decorative pot to your order, the cost will start to go up.

Courtesy of Wayfair


When it comes to buying affordable mixed succulents online, there’s no better place to shop than Wayfair. While it’s certainly not a plant specialty store, the large home retailer offers a surprising amount of live plants. You can shop a variety of potted houseplants, but you’ll get the best value from stocking up on large succulent sets.



You may have stumbled upon Terrain while wandering through Anthropologie, but did you know the brand’s garden essentials and plants are available online, too? While some of the houseplants can get a bit pricey, there are still plenty of affordable options to choose from, including this tineke ruby ficus plant.

Courtesy of Etsy


Sellers around the world offer all sorts of cheap plants through Etsy that can be shipped straight to your door. You can easily filter through the results by price and plant type in order to find the one that’s perfect for you. For example, this 20-inch-tall peace lily is available for just $14 and comes in a 4-inch container made from sustainable, plant-based materials.

Courtesy of Bloomscape


For high-quality houseplants that look just as good when they arrive at your home as they do online, head to Bloomscape. The brand offers many different varieties with prices starting at $35, which includes the decorative containers the plants arrive in. Each plant, including this hedgehog aloe, comes safely packaged with your choice of pot, along with clear instructions on how to best care for it.

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