Skip the nursery and find indoor plants online. Keep your love of houseplants alive without breaking the bank.

By Claire Harmeyer
October 10, 2018

Is your obsession with houseplants slowly draining your wallet? It doesn’t have to anymore—pricey greenhouses are no longer your only option for purchasing plants. Online retailers have been selling high-quality houseplants at record-low prices.

Expensive plants can't squash your indoor gardening dreams anymore—now, you can decorate with all of the houseplants your heart desires, guilt-free. Instead of scrounging for $40 to buy a small croton plant, pay less than half of that. We're thrilled that retailers like Etsy and Amazon are filling their inventory with more affordable houseplants (we're looking at you, Amazon plant store).

Check out the top bargains that have us clearing our shelves to make room for new green friends.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

$16 for 5 Succulents

If you're a first-time plantowner, succulents are your best bet. Growing and keeping succulents alive is an easy task as long as they're given enough sunlight. These succulents come in 2-inch pots; keep them living in their pots to grow or add them to projects, like a succulent wreath or a tabletop garden.

Get It Now: 5-Pack of Succulents, Amazon, $16

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Image courtesy of Etsy

$13 for 3 Croton Plants

Thanks to its wide variety of leaf shapes, colors, and sizes, there's a croton plant for every space. This leathery-leafed beauty began as mainly an outdoor plant, but recently has sparked interest in indoor gardeners. Croton can live in pots on shelves, be added to floral arrangements, or rooted into dish gardens. Add some tropical flare and bright color to your home with three types of croton plants for under $13.

Get It Now: 3 Croton Variety Pack, Etsy, $13

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Image courtesy of Etsy

$18 Majesty Palm Tree

If you're a beach bum—or wish you were—majesty palm is the houseplant for you. This tropical beauty fits in any style of home and adds a laid-back element to every space. Although you may think majesty palm is too big for your room, it's a slow grower, so it will remain the size it is when you buy it for a long time. Find a dwarf majesty palm for just $18 from an Etsy shop. Aah, we can hear the beach breeze swaying through the palm leaves now.

Get It Now: 1-Gallon Majesty Palm, Etsy, $18

Image courtesy of Amazon

$8 Snake Plant

Snake plant is one of the easiest houseplants you can grow. The architectural form of snake plant complements all styles of decor, so it will likely look great in your home. It works well as a floor plant, filling corners of small spaces, while dwarf varieties make beautiful centerpieces. Snake plant's tall, sharp-looking foliage is actually super rubbery and succulent, which adds unique texture to your space. You can find a medium-sized snake plant for $8 online. It's in our carts now!

Get It Now: 4-inch Potted Sansevieria, Amazon, $8

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