Liven up Your Home with These Cool Ways to Style Air Plants

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are unique in that they don't need soil to grow, thrive, and even flower. Water, light, and air are all that's needed for these portable plants to live long and happy lives; opening up a floodgate of possibilities. Get creative with these uniquely cool ways to style air plants.

1. Living Jewelry

The portability of air plants makes them perfect for living jewelry. Each piece in this bespoke collection is made with sterling silver wire wrapped around an individually-selected plant. Elegant curves of silver gently hold the slow-growing plants, giving them plenty of room to change over the years. See more living jewelry designs at Garden Therapy.

2. Geometric Hanging Art

A traditional Finnish ornament, the Himmeli, takes on a modern twist when crafted with brass. Hang it anywhere you get plenty of indirect, bright sunlight, and your Tillandsia will delight in the airiness of its surroundings. See all the Himmeli designs at the Etsy shop, Handmade Sam Made.

3. Gorgeous Geodes

This striking crystallized rock becomes something spectacular when displayed with air plants. Use a large geode like this one to style an air plant, or pop a plant into a crystal tea light holder. The Lunar Fae shares more on pairing geodes with Tillandsia over at the DIY Showoff.

4. Seashells

Seashells and air plants go together naturally. Organic and serene seashells come alive with the energy bursting from a spiky air plant. Create a unique hanging planter with an air plant and a sea urchin shell, or add a Tillandsia to a snail shell and place it in a terrarium. See more ideas for how to display air plants in seashells on Garden Therapy.

5. Vintage Toys

Repurposing nostalgic items gives you endless possibilities for displaying air plants. A vintage red truck toting a spiky air plant fits right in with farmhouse decor. Or imagine green leaves peeking out of an apothecary cabinet, a typewriter, or even a plastic dinosaur. See Pam's truck planter and more at House of Hawthorns.

6. Woodland Wreath

This woodland-inspired wreath has been designed to be in harmony with the air plants. Originally, it came with air plants glued to the grapevine form. It didn't take long for the plants to look unhealthy, so it was reengineered with wire cups to hold the plants, as well as make it easy to remove them for watering. See the wreath transformation at Garden Therapy.

7. Cork Magnets

Add some cheer to the refrigerator with these DIY cork magnets. Use a box cutter to create a hole in the side or top of the cork and add a dab of glue to keep it in place. Glue on a strong magnet and display in a group. See Georgia's collection of cork magnets on Etsy at omorfigiadesigns.

More Gorgeous Ways to Show Off Your Air Plants

Sliced logs and tiny air plants are a winning wall art combination. See how to bring a hint of green indoors with this simple project.

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  1. I want to thank you for the air plant ideas! I have mine hanging in a Mimi collander, in a tree. Love them!

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